10 of the Best Phone Apps to Edit Instagram Photos

If you have an Instagram account, you’ll know that the platform revolves around photos.

There are over 700 million active users on Instagram and over 70% if businesses are using Instagram to grow their following.

If you want to grow your brand and social media following, having an Instagram account is a must.

edit instagram photos

One of the key strategies to getting people to follow you and getting them to engage is with great photos. If you aren’t a professional photographer (which 95% of us aren’t), this can be challenging. This is why photo editing apps are a must if you are marketing on Instagram.

Whether you simply want an app to use filters and edit a photograph, or you want something to add text to photos to customize, you’ll definitely find something on this list.

10 of the best smartphone apps to customize & edit Instagram photos

  1. Photo Editor by Aviary – This is available for iPhone and Android. It has a wide variety of effects and color correctors. It also includes a “one-tap auto enhance” that will boost your photos. You can even add stickers, borders, frames, and overlays with this app.


  1. Quick – This app provides you with a fast way to add text to your Instagram photos. This is especially great for quotes that have a beautiful photo background. You can choose from many different fonts and text size.


  1. Afterlight – This is an amazing app for image editing. It has many different filters and effects, and lots of vintage ones to choose from if you are into that style.


  1. Facetune – If you post lots of people shots, this app will come in handy. Facetune lets you correct portraits and remove things such as blemishes, etc. Basically, it’s a super great selfie editor!


  1. PicFrame – Do you ever have so many images and you aren’t sure what one to post? Or do you have two photos that go together, but you don’t want to post them individually? PicFrame lets you choose multiple photos to put in a collage and you can organize them however you want. For example, you can have 4 images in one single Instagram photo.


  1. DXP Free – This app gives photos a dreamy and double-exposure vibe. There are over 18 different compositions to choose from to help you blend and mix your images all into one photo.


  1. Slow Shutter Cam – This app lets you create photos where you can having glowing letters and shapes floating in the air. All you need is some glow sticks and the Slow Shutter Cam app and then you can take amazing long-exposure images with your smartphone. It takes a bit of practice at first, but it’s worth it!


  1. Snapseed – This editing app is very popular within the Instagram community. You can do things such as redeye reduction, tilt-shift, straightening, and so much more.


  1. 8mm Vintage Camera – This app is great for shooting vintage videos and photos. The vintage camera lets you add scratches, flickering flames, light leaks, and dust effects to your photos and films.


  1. Average Camera Pro – If you’ve ever taken a photo in the dark only to find out later that you can’t even see anything in it, this app will be a lifesaver. Next time you are shooting in a low light area, use this app. It takes multiple photos at once and analyzes them all to boost the luminosity of the photo.

The above list are just a handle full of apps to edit Instagram photos that will help you create amazing, vibrant, professional, engaging photos.

Did I miss any?  Feel free to comment below on some of your favorite apps to edit Instagram photos.


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