In today’s video I want to talk about Facebook advertising. If you want to advertise on Facebook you need to know what levels of targeting you have access too. Take a look below.

Facebook Advertising.

If you’re promoting a high ticket program like the one we promote called MOBE you may benefit from the additional targeting criteria that is available within Facebook advertising.  Income based targeting can help you put your business in front of the right audience by picking the right demographics. You can target people based on multiple demographics, you can target moms, green moms, stay at home moms, baby boomers, income levels, home ownership types, renters, and the list goes on and one. I recommend that you think very clearly about your targeting when you advertise on Facebook.

We’ve been using these same methods to drive targeted traffic to our offers and have been getting pretty impressive results. No matter what your offer or business is you can find the right target audience on Facebook and if you’re knowledgeable on how to create Facebook ads then you should have no problem generating leads for your business.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on Facebook advertising! If you want to learn more about how you can use Facebook advertising to generate leads, sales and traffic for your business then take a look at thy PRODUCTS section of my site where you can find many of my best selling courses on Facebook ads, as well as other programs we recommend.

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Facebook Advertising

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