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90 Day Blogging Challenge








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What's the 90 Day Blogging Challenge About?

I am hosting a 90 Day Blogging Challenge and anyone who has the desire to take their business to the next level should consider joining.  We are a group of experts and newbies all just wanting to challenge each other and hold each other accountable.  To join the group in Facebook, Click HERE

Our 90 Day Blogging Challenge group is not looking for spammers nor are we looking for lazy people who don't take this challenge seriously.  If you are serious about writing a blog post a day then let's get started.  Even though we started this past Monday, it's okay for you to jump in now.  Each time you post your blog post in our 90 Day Blogging Challenge group you can just put what day you are on.

I have added a quick video tutorial for those who would like to understand the power of the above tools and why you need them.  There is no sense in you writing a blog post if you aren't doing something to drive traffic to those posts.  Your hard work deserves traffic and you deserve leads. 

That's why I created this 90 Day Blogging Challenge.  When like minded individuals come together and work on the same goal a magical things happens.  Friendships form, business partnerships form, and an accountability for our work forms.  I truly believe that when we are pushed and held accountable for the promise we make to the group, it pushes us to not let our fellow team bloggers down.

We can all do this together and have fun, plus make money here in the 90 Day Blogging Challenge Group!  

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