5 Tips to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Engagement down on Facebook?  Here are 5 simple tips you can implement on your Facebook Fan Page to get more engagement on Facebook from your audience.

1. Ask a question: Don’t just ask any question.  Ask a question that is easy for your audience to answer with choices. In today’s social media world people are skimming through their newsfeed fast and honestly they don’t want to have to sit and think of an answer or explanation so give your audience easy one or two word choices, like the example below.

get more engagement on facebook








2. Post a video: Videos are hot on Facebook but in my opinion not long videos.  I say keep your videos under 2 minutes. Videos are a great way to get more engagement on Facebook and a great way to increase your brand awareness.  Be sure to upload your video straight to your Facebook Fan Page and take some time to write compelling copy on why the viewer should click play to watch your video.  In the example below I share an example of a video post I did sharing some tips on what to do and not do do when promoting landing pages on Facebook.

more engagement on facebook









3. Create engaging images: I love using pixabay.com and canva.com . I typically will go find an image on pixabay, download it to my hard drive, upload that image to canva and create an engaging image using the tools that canva offers. What typically works best for us is to add text to the image that is inspiring, inspirational, motivational, and / or though provoking to get more engagement on Facebook. Yes, you want more engagement on your photo but you also want to create something worthy of sharing which will result in your post and page going viral. Here’s another example of an image we have used in the past to get more engagement on Facebook. We got 152 shares and 571 likes.

get more engagement on facebook











4. Give value away: Create a checklist, pdf, how to video, something of value that you can give away to your audience to help them achieve a result.  If you understand your audience’s wants, desires and needs you can fill those gaps with solutions. For example we have several different lead magnets that we have put together to help people achieve success in a particular area, such as Facebook.  I love using Lead Pages or Click Funnels to create simple offer such as the example below to get more engagement on Facebook.

get more engagement on facebook










5. Boost your posts: Boosting your posts are pretty much a sure fire way to get more engagement on Facebook.  Part of our daily Facebook strategy is to always have a status update that has been boosted running consistently. For example we will post a status update on our Facebook Fan Page and spend $100 to boost the post for 3 days.  Then after those 3 days we will choose another Facebook status update on our Fan Page and boost it for 3 days. Therefore, every 3 days we have a different post that is boosted to the top of the news feed of our fans because we have chosen to target our fans to get more engagement. Boosting your post is as simple as clicking on the boost button as you see in the example below and targeting a specific country and your fans.

get more engagement on facebook










And…that’s it!  Do these 5 tips consistently every single day and make this a part of your Facebook marketing strategy along with definitely implementing step number 5 and you will see that you will soon be getting more engagement on Facebook.  More engagement means, more leads, more fans, and more brand exposure for your business. All of which are a good thing if you want to be successful on line using Facebook.

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