World Ventures Scam

World Ventures Scam

World Ventures Scam?

World Ventures Scam – Is There Any Truth Behind the Claim?

Welcome you probably landed on our site because you are wondering if there is any truth behind the statement World Ventures Scam or quite possibly you are already part of the World Ventures organization and looking for a way to expand your business. Let me start by saying there is no evidence to support a World Ventures Scam.  They are a legitimate network marketing providing travel services.

Sadly when distributors are unsuccessful they tend to yell World Ventures Scam.  The purpose of this post is to put the claims to rest and show you exactly how you can be successful at World Ventures.

One of the main reason’s why people claim World Ventures scam is simply because they bought into the hype of making a ton of money by just sharing the opportunity and product with people.  While there are people who do make a lot of money with World Ventures it’s due to the fact that they are good at selling the travel products and/or recruiting people to do the selling for them.

Michelle, if the claim World Ventures Scam is False Then Why Is There Failure?

You see 97% of people fail in the direct sales industry and it’s not really their fault.  They are just simply listening to their upline who is telling them to make a list of 100 people in their warm market and pitch the World Ventures opportunity. This is typically a formula for failure.  You must have several things in place in order to succeed.  The first being the mindset.  You must adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur and take your World Ventures business seriously.  Be consistent with it, invest in yourself and your business.

Secondly, you need to have a system in place that offers marketing tools and training.  This system should be a system that will help you generate laser quality leads every single day for your World Ventures business.  Without leads you don’t have a business.  Most people who have failed at World Ventures and are calling out a World Ventures scam are just not informed on the tools available to have success. It’s really not their fault for not knowing.

So, how can you succeed in World Ventures? Discover today what the successful World Ventures representatives are not telling you.  You see the successful leaders are simply leveraging systems and using that system to brand them as leaders. As result they are generating laser targeted leads every single day.  The prospects are already sold on the networking model and are just looking for someone who can provide a solution to their struggles. That’s where having a system comes into play. Having a system to solve the problems of not being able to recruit.  These leaders are able to provide this solution and that’s how they are so successful in World Ventures.

What is the best system on the market that successful leaders are leveraging to sponsor reps into their World Ventures business every single day?

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  • Alex says:

    My ‘friend’ called me 1 day. Asked me what i am doing at 3pm. I said ‘nothing’ and he told me to come for a coffee at a place to talk about something. I asked him what about. He avoided, claiming he is was in a ‘rush’ and we will talk then.

    Went there, ordered me a beer, and he started introducing me to 1-2 in the table and talking ‘big’ about me. Then i asked what did he want to talk to me about. He avoided. He said ‘you will see in a bit’.
    He takes me to this room where another 30 people where there. I thought immediately that it reminds me of this ‘herbalife’ crap presentations. Out of respect to him i stayed.

    The presentation starts, was good, talks about big achievements.
    When it finished people who he introduced me to started coming to my table talking big about the concept and how it changed their life to the better. My friend told me he invited me because he needs a partner to achieve big goals and that i can make big money. Takes out the subscription form and asks me some information. I asked him ‘you gonna subscribe me now??? ‘ He says, just some information because i have all these people here (shows me a piece of paper) that if you join NOW will be under your team. Doesn’t even explains to em how this affects me!
    I gave him the information, asked me what card i have.. not how was i going to pay… Gave him.
    He bought me some more beers.

    Went home and before arrive there i get i message from my bank that i got charged $360. I thought ‘fuck he doesnt lose time’

    Woke up the next day and logged in the website. Saw all the training material, read reviews and watched all videos on their site.

    EVERY SINGLE THING he said to me, sentences like ‘I am in a rush, see you at the place’, the people coming to my table, introducing me to everyone, taking out the subscription form and how to ask for my details was mentioned in the training material.

    Immediately i felt USED, called Wordventures and cancelled my subscription!!

    What i want to share with you is that people around you want to use you to make some money! He did not invite me because i am his friend and he wants me to make money, did not lied to my but ‘HIDED THE TRUTH’.
    All the introducing to people, talking ‘big’ about me, was FAKE. Just to get MY MONEY so he can get his commission and climb higher the pyramid. THIS IS NOT ETHICALLY CORRECT. Do you see where i am getting at?

    People! Do not trust them, even the people around you, your network. They will use you.
    But i am happy this happened because now i know better, especially for him. I am glad i didn’t trust him for anything more personal or for a bigger business proposal.

    • Michelle says:

      Alex, I am so sorry you didn’t find success. How can we help you? We are not in WorldVentures but we are having success and we would love to help you if you are still interested. – Michelle

    • Joe Smith says:

      People, kissing up to people to make more money is exactly what happens at a Job. You act differently than you normally do to impress your boss, in hopes that someday if he either dies or gets fired that you can get a 10$ pay raise and assume all of the responsibility for that role and work the rest of your life until you are too old to function.

      In Network Marketing you have to work, just like any other job (or anything in life…) the big difference is, you get paid for your success with no income cap. You always have an income cap at a job. Tell me a job where somebody from a third world country can make a full time US income (do your research and you will know Direct selling is a global business model).

      If you went to your job and you didn’t work or try to be a pleasant person, do you think you would keep your job very long? If you bought a gym membership and sat on your butt for a month would you cancel your membership and call the person who sold it to you a crook because gyms are a scam and dont work? Obviously not.

      When you work your job, and you work for your paycheck, where do you think all that money goes before you get it? To the guy at the top of YOUR pyramid, the owner of your company. The only difference between a Job and Network Marketing is we all get to be the big dogs, instead of just one.

      Hope you start opening your mind and researching the industry of network marketing because I assure you, in a couple years you will wish you had! :)


    • Trademark says:

      Alex, same thing happend to me, except with a different MLM company, as if they script is straight up ctrl+c, ctrl+v. Right down to the friend calling to “tell me something” and was SO excited to see me. How could I say no? I hadn’t seen her in weeks, even though we’d tried to hang out many times before. When I realized what was going on, I felt incredibly used and my heart sank listening to all her “buzz words” and watching her partner show me some outdated technology. Some friendship! I have a job. I can afford my house, my car, my dog, my poker nights–I don’t need to be spending money to chase imaginary money. Now, every time I talk to her, it’s a sales pitch. I lost a friend. Apparently, I can’t be her friend unless I join her stupid company and yet I watch her work so hard and lose money. It sucks.

    • Michie says:


      I also want to reiterate what Alex said. I had a so called friend invite me to one of these events. She called me, “you have to come to this event at this house its so amazing!” I kept asking her what it was and she would not say anything except “its hard to explain, but you will see how awesome it is once you get here.” Well I brought my boyfriend along and we thought it was going to be a fun party until we saw a video presentation!! What the heck! I was kinda mad at my friend for wasting my time. I really had better things to do. I guess its one thing to believe in something but don’t lie to me! There was about 40 young people there ages 18-25. Many had joined WorldVentures and were super happy. They kept clapping and smiling. I felt like I was in a cult..really! If something sounds too good to be true it is! She later invited me to another event, but this time said,”Hey, Im so sorry about last time, but we want to invite you this BBQ they have a pool there and everyone will be swimming.” I went for the food and def went to the pool. But 6 other people got us to watch another video!! “Hey we have to show you that we travel all the time, we are called the “Rat Pack.” No thanks! No means no and I don’t being lied to. I don’t care to be a part of a pyramid scheme. Yes, it is. Perhaps people make money. My so called friend is traveling. Good for her but don’t lie to people. This company just does not sit right with me….

  • Ann says:

    Some people did actually made money out of it and some other did wonderful trips out there with relatively the lowest prices available in the market. However, what Alex said above is exactly the true as the same thing almost happened to me. There are so many seminars and schemes out there to explain u how the company works. However I will stick to the main points of this system and you can judge yourself if u wanna go for it:

    1)The company and generally the founders of the pyramid will always make the big cash
    2)As the pyramid expands with more and more users, it is mathematically proven that the system will collapse in a certain point. By that time the people on top will be millionaires and will disappear, however the people low in the pyramid will be minus. Is like a building, the chairman is in the air-condition taking the big cash and workers and sub workers in the sun have the hard time and the low cash. When pyramid collapses be sure there will be no pension scheme(I’m sorry:))
    3)Each one is just thinking to sell u memberships just to safe his self from the monthly membership. This continues for each new pyramid member and the responsibility goes to the next person is time. Is like a hot pad that each one give it to the other cause is burning
    4)Are there any friends here, no, just 1 person who uses others, then 2 that work for him, then 2 that work for the 2 etc. They have all been used and use to get to the top. Then all the thieves get together make a party and travel. This is how it works with very simple words. Would I do it? I could, but there are many more ways to make money, you just need to find them. Then you do not need to have membership anywhere, travel in specific dates, loose respect from your friends and many more.

  • Becca says:

    So world ventures. Why do you say it is not a scam? And why are you no involved if it is no a scam? How long has this community been around?

    • Michelle says:

      Becca, what are you trying to find out here? Would it make a difference to you if I told you what company I am in? Ill be more than happy to address what it is you are looking for and share our story if you would like.

  • Dave Champion says:

    Although I know you’re using the keywords related to WorldVentures to help people expand their business, you might be better served educating them on how to avoid the company since they’re really a ponzi scheme for real. No matter how good your content and tools are, the reality is only the owners are manipulating the comp plan for the benefit of a few.
    Please read this blog:
    The truth is in the Dallas court system and you’ll see that WorldVentures is not only a scan, but a pyramid, ponzi and sham all in one.

    • Demi says:

      Hmm, no word from Michelle on this one.. Choosing her battles it seems. My friend just suggested that I do this with her and if it’s a scheme, I’ll be totally pissed that she’d attempted to get over on me. Thanks for the link. I’ll be sure to check this out. Things like this are never as good as it’s made out to be.

    • Michelle says:

      Best to you Demi. Keep me posted.

    • David Champion says:

      Dave Champion is actually Kip Allison, the Plano based attorney on suspension with the Texas Bar Assoc and is trying to defraud WV. He and Robert Oblon started a competing travel MLM and stole many ideas that wv developed.

      Take all the Ponzi scheme crap with a grain of salt. Many people have a real alternative agenda by taking trash.

  • Kay says:

    Michelle – I was approached similar to the gentleman above. I know that Network Marketing works. I’ve seen it. What bothers me is, in all of my research, I’ve heard similar stories about WV… about being asked out by a friend for one thing, then ended up in a recruiting situation. It just put me in a bad frame of mind. I would have gone just to see what was going on if they’d been honest up front. I have always listened, encouraged and appreciated what they are doing. I’ve learned from them.

    Fortunately for them, I am currently looking for something. . . maybe WV, maybe something else. I do trust the person who asked me out for ‘coffee’… well, I did. The lack of honesty about why we were meeting which was a totally different thing and something important to me, was totally over-shadowed and put on the back burner. It isn’t that this is or isn’t a great opportunity. I don’t know. Trying to keep an open mind here, but don’t play the shell game on me. Don’t ask me out to meet to talk about something you know is vital to me, then play this card.

    I don’t know. IF I ever choose to going into this type of marketing, I for sure won’t play the shell game on people. Part of me is excited about what they showed me, but I can’t get over that my vital situation (helping me get over an illness) was used to present this.

    And IF I choose to go into this type of marketing, I would prefer not to ‘use’ my friends and family. I prefer that someone want what I have. Attraction rather than promotion should be the right thing for any business. If it is good, then I shouldn’t have to ‘sell’ it at the expense of my friends and family. It will sell itself. Right?

  • Matt says:

    My wife was introduced to WorldVentures by the “I’ve got something amazing to show you but I can’t tell you! Just come with me and see!” tactic. She returned all excited and told me all about it. Research online proves somewhat fruitless as it appears WorldVentures has influence or control over dozens of domain names (btw, try to find a Wikipedia page for WorldVentures. You’ll see Wikipedia deleted it b/c it was suspicious of being written for their own marketing). If not, then regardless, here’s the way it works– you pay a monthly fee of $55 unless you can refer 4 people, at which point your monthly fee is waived. Ok, that means if you can’t find 4 people then you’ll pay $660/year. My wife and I picked ten random trips and tried to price similar trips through Travelocity, cheaptickets, etc. Comparing the prices it does appear WorldVentured is cheaper, roughly 45% cheaper (not counting airfare) on average. Not bad, but this means that if you’re stuck paying the monthly fee, you’d better be prepared to spend at least $1500/year on buying travel packages through WorldVentures (remember, this is excluding airfare) to break even on your savings vs yearly membership total/fee. If you are willing and able to do this (time-wise and money-wise) then WorldVentures may work for you. But let’s look at the other side of the coin. Let’s say the first person (say, the CEO) refers only 4 other people, and each of those people refer just 4 others, and so on and so on. Sure, you can refer more than 4 but let’s stick to this model. As it turns out, you’ll notice a few things, the first is that at the 13th level down of referrals, the total member count becomes greater than 89 million (US census bureau says there are approx 40 million Americans age 18 to 24, which I’ll assume is the demographic WorldVentures is targeting). Either way, by the 15th level you’re over the population of the US. “People quit all the time and there’s more kids turning 18 every day so there’ll always be people to refer” you may say, however, you really have to look at the different RATES. For instance, in the company’s beginning, there’s a large pool of “potentials” and so your rate of growth/referrals  is quite fast, however, the larger you get, the slower you’ll grow (we’ve already seen that there is a physical limit) as the WorldVentures “sponge” becomes saturated when the pool of potential members dries up. (This is probably why all pyramid schemes fail, I would imagine). Last but not least, with our 1-refers-4 model, it works out mathematically that AT ANY GIVEN TIME, no matter how many members are part of WorldVentures, there will always be AT LEAST 75% of members that will be stuck paying the monthly fee. If the average number of referrals is greater than 4, that percentage only increases– in a nutshell, you’re likely to be one of the +75% that ends up getting stuck paying the $55/month fee. Oh, and apparently WV has training programs and seminars you can take for extra $$ that teach you how to become a power-recruiter, but then isn’t that how a pyramid scheme works anyway, where focus is on recruitment and not the actual product? You be the judge.

    P.s – research “your travel biz” 

  • Chaz says:


    Matt has the mind of a consumer NOT a person who is interested in a business. His problem is what I call the slave mentality. In our society either you are a producer or a consumer. Business men and women produce things whether its a product OR an opportunity. Consumers buy things. This country was built by businessmen and women. Networking marketing is here to stay. True, you have to evaluate each business for its merits. For your information Matt, you were partially right. A PYRAMID is a system by which LITTLE OR NO PRODUCT IS BEING SOLD and where all the emphasis is on recruiting. There are plenty of legitimate network marketing companies out there and none of them are “pyramids”. For your information Matt, Show me a major business organization and I’ll show you a pyramid STRUCTURE where all the power and earning are concentrated at the top. HAVE YOU SEEN CEO PAY LATELY? I’m talking some of the most well know companies in America. Meanwhile your job is not safe. You can be laid off, fired or your job can be outsourced to China or India. With a “job” in corporate
    America your income is uncertain and very limited.
    Network Marketing gives you the chance to earn what a CEO makes. Is it easy? NO! Easy is not an option. It takes hard work-BUT ONE TIME. Say for instance 5 years and then you can be free to or have whatever you want.
    If you failed don’t lash out at the system. Honestly, I don’t knowif WORLD VENTURES is legitimate or not but before I invest a penny of my money or a minute of my time I will find out.
    In network marketing YOU HAVE TO SELL PRODUCT AND BUILD YOUR ORGANIZATION before you make money.

    It’s not for everybody. In fact, fully 90% of the people you talk to will say no. Thats nine out of ten. You have to go through the numbers and that takes work

    How bad do youy want to reach your goals. Wht price are you willing to pay for your family?

    It’s not for everyone and it sounds like its not for MATT

  • Chaz says:

    Right on Kay…..I’m looking too. Let me know if you find something legit. Thanks

  • Matt says:


    I’m not going to disagree with everything you’ve said, however, let’s start with your first statement about me having a “slave mentality.” This is, of course, entirely your own opinion–which you’re entitled to, don’t get me wrong–yet you do not know me and therefore cannot make claims to how I think or act (I could be Mike Azcue for all you know). I’m not here to make personal attacks on you, nor will I, so don’t take any offense to this or whatever else I may post.

    You are absolutely correct about evaluating a company before undertaking any investment with said company. In fact, at the very least, I hope my posts encourage this above all else. The best part about your statement is that it is EXACTLY what I have already done. I did NOT join WorldVentures for precisely the reasons stated in my post (above), and thus I have not wasted any of my own $$ on WV due to my diligent research and conclusion that it is not worth it (so, by default, I didn’t fail at anything in contrast to your statement).

    I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m only offering my 2 cents, your decisions are your own. And hopefully they’re baked up with credible research/support.

    Can you make money with World Ventures? Absolutely, look at the CEO and CFO (whom, btw, have questionable business associations–>Success University).

    The difference, Chaz, between a legitimate company and a pyramid company is how that company makes their money. If their source of income is through the products/opportunities they sell and are additionaly giving the customers a deal (the opposite of a deal being, of course, a scam), then yes, they are providing something worthwhile for the end-consumer (and like I said, you CAN be in this category if you join WV as long as you’re able to spend around $1500/year + airfare on travel, I can only speculate on how many people can actually do this and would surmise it is not the majority of members).

    Now, if a company makes a majority of its revenue via artificial means like a monthly fee and further, any products/opportunities provided that do not or can not compensate for the fees, then it’s time to raise an eyebrow (don’t take my word for it, see

    If a company uses network marketing to deliver their product to consumers and everyone wins then that’s great. That may very well be the case for the couple hosting this website. My concern is not with network marketing itself but rather with the business strategy of WV (and again, anything similar, i.e. Your Travel Biz).

    You are also right about the requirement for hard work when it comes to starting your own business. Again, it is very likely that the couple hosting this site work very hard to run a genuine and legitimate business. It also does not appear that they are running any kind of pyramid scam but rather are only providing training services to individuals en route to starting their own businesses. I do not see any service provided by this website that is similar in nature to a pyramid scheme (but again, research everything!). A company’s legitimacy should be based upon their past performance and quality of products/services/oppotunities it provides. Thus, if a company is truly legitimate, scam-free, and can honestly and confidently stand behind their product then they shouldn’t have any worry about posters like me.

    Yet sadly, with any true pyramid scheme, anyone wishing to join and append to the company in hopes of becoming prosperous is likely doomed to fail (+75% will never make it in WV, see above post).

    My advice to anyone who’s considering whether or not to join WV is that they don’t make a decision in a moment of passion. Scammers will appeal to your feelings and emotions (the other posts from above verify this). If you must, let them present their case but then take a day or two to research and decide for yourself. Ask yourself, “is this too good to be true?” This expression exists for a reason. See what the company has to offer, is it a good deal? Check out their history, do research. Don’t be swayed by WV members who say they are making money and have company-provided cars etc, because that is likely a lopsided view presented by those with an agenda–just imagine how many people DIDN’T post who are in WV and don’t even make anything.

    Like I said earlier, I’m not here to curse network marketing as it very well may be a great way for businesses and consumers to prosper. I cannot speak to network marketing as I have not done enough research to differentiate it from MLM or other business strategies, for that task I’ll leave it up to the reader…

  • Breanne says:

    Worldventures is NOT a scam, have any of you actually used the product? have you been on vacation with them? probably not. I personally have gone on more then one. They have a guarantee that if you find any trip cheaper then their dreamtrips in a 7 day period after booking your trip they will pay for your trip and you still get to go! This actually did happen to me and i got a check for the amount of my trip. Don’t go around saying its a scam when you haven’t even used the product.

    • Derek says:

      i have seen people involved in WV and then quit for whatever reason and they came out better people. Its not all about making money and going on trips, its about personal growth and development too.
      It is just like any other business u get out of it what u put into it. The only difference is how it grows and i for one like how anyone off the street can get involved put in the effort and make their dreams come true.
      and yes u pay more money to go to trainings etc. but if u got to go for free would u give it all of ur attention? by paying money for them u. are more attentive than u normaly would be. if u want to do research ask the people that are doing it not some website that has nothing to do with the company or someone who didnt have the vision and confidince in themselves to get anywhere with the business. so i agree completly with Breanne.

  • Scam says:

    This is a scam…… Sounds like a pyramid scam.

  • Mirsa says:

    I actually am a rep for WV and I can say that it is no scam. People just don’t seem to understand what Network Marketing is. Yes it’s a pyramid.. just like many other companies are. They profit from the more users they get, meaning more product users = more investment for us reps. The company clearly states that you are not guaranteed success, what you put into it, is what you will get out of it. We simply offer people a chance at great savings on their travels, the business part is completely optional. The company is using the word of mouth tactic to gain its users, just as Facebook, Youtube, and other major profiting companies did. The reason I jumped in is because it’s a new company, I rather be in it now that I can turn myself into a “big dog” than later when the company is dying out. Its a small price to pay for a good investment, At the price that this membership is offered I don’t see why people don’t just give it a try. I’ve seen people spend a hell of a lot more on meaningless things. And u can cancel the subscription if you are not satisfied? How is this a scam… it’s like saying your membership to SAMS club is a scam. lol. Give it a try people and make your own decision rather than listening to all the faulty rumors.

    • Simon says:

      I don’t think you know much about this company.
      1) This is NOT a ‘new company’ it was formed in 2005 so sorry to say you are not one of the first in.
      2) What investment? You paid a one of membership fee and paying monthly account fees to access a database of ‘selected’ holidays that WorldVentures can get for cheap. You have to buy these holidays to get any savings and only on the dates available and to the places offered. Where is the return on investment? Its a saving not an investment.
      3) Are you one of the top dogs now? Or even remotely close to being one? How far are you to the 90×90 members? Are you even at 30×30?
      4) You used the word WE like its your own business but tell me one thing, what kind of business that anyone owns that does not let you make decisions? You can not decide on the holiday package, you can not determine the price, you can not provide discounts… it is NOT your business, you are an agent for someone elses business.
      5) A favourite line they use is ‘This business is NOT for everyone, its for special people with vision and intelligence who can see that it can work’ in other words, it is for those who are naive and easily believe in false visions.
      6) Can you choose a holiday destination of your choice on particular dates as opposed to predetermined dates? I didn’t think so.
      7) Add together the air tickets you need to pay and the stay including your fees, do you still get a better deal? Sure if you take 2+ holidays a year you might make a saving but who can afford to do that if you purely work on this venture?
      8) If it is such a good scheme why lie to friends and not tell them the purpose of meetings? Why do WV tell you NOT to tell your friends beforehand?
      9) You speak as though you know what Network Marketing is, let me tell you what it is, it is relying on people you know to make more money for you. When you exhaust your network and you find that your downline can not find anyone to join and stuck with the monthly fee and complain to you and start cancelling their subscription, you will lose your downlines and then find you might even end up with less than 4 member referrals and having to pay the monthly fee all over again. By this time you will have lost friends, possibly family and relatives who YOU have convinced to join.

      Finally if you are happy going on Holidays that WV have on offer on the dates THEY give you then yea its good and you can save money (potentially) but don’t expect to be able to go on holidays cheaper on dates YOU want to travel.

  • John says:

    Ah Mirsa, thank you for posting that. You have admitted to the fact that this company will die out. Plus i did the some calculations and see that I will end up paying more a year on travel. BTW Facebook and youtube isn’t charging its customers $55 a month for using its website. Yea go ahead and try to become a big dog because when the district attorney gets ahold of it you’ll be paying back big. lol

    • Mark says:


      All I can do is LOL at you. You clearly have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. You sound like an 18 year old kid with a poor education. I won’t waste anymore of my time on this response, but it just jumped out at me how uninformed you were. I will say this for you others, the company is legit, but you must work hard for success just like you would at any other type business. Unfortunately, a lot of people who join want to do practically nothing, and make a lot of money. If it were that easy, everyone could do it. If you are a SMART, DEDICATED, AMBITIOUS person, you can succeed in this company with a little work. When I say succeed, I mean making large amounts of money in a relatively short period of time. The younger crowd is killing it with this company right now, and I can honestly say I started making an additional $25K to $30K a year within 8 months of starting, and doubling that in the next 8 months. This is in addition to my income from my regular job. I have also taken remarkable trips through the company. I do have an MBA and a lot of experience, and was skeptical before I started…..but once I saw “IT”, I knew that I could do great it it. It isn’t for everyone, but if you got what it takes, it can literally change your life.

  • Simon says:

    The simple fact that you can not be honest with friends you want to join suggests there is something wrong here. Why hard sell if this is such a good venture? I have read and heard from friends that when they attend and lose interest they are taken to another room away from the group for a private chat. Why? Because they don’t want the rejection to rub off on other members. They will call this a negativity. But why? If its not a scheme for them then why are they labelled as being negative? Are people only positive if they join this scheme? Well sorry not all positive people are into this selling program where you have to lie to friends to get them to watch a presentation and then have someone harass them to help THEM make money.

    Who doesn’t want to make more money? Lets be honest we all do. But when someone is hard selling a product to you claiming to be able to make you money then you have to ask yourself this:

    ‘Why is this person so hell bent on helping ME make money? Why am I taken aside to speak to in private if I reject this money making proposal?’

    Simple answer is they are looking after THEMSELVES not YOU. You become their downline and thats the bottom line. They are not interested if you can make money out of it, they hard sell for THEMSELVES.

    Please don’t give me any rubbish talk on ‘its your loss’ well if it is then let me be, why hard sell? theres also absolutely no reason to bad mouth those who don’t join up by saying they are negative, its their loss, we’ll be living it up while he/she slaves away all day at their day job and be a nobody.

    Just so you are aware, you are also not yet successful so do not say those words until you get their because for all you know you may never get to the top or anywhere near that position.

    May god watch over those of you who believe in this and if I’m honest I have to say you have been brainwashed from their training programs to feel you can succeed. As with a lot of posters online, it does seem like a cult whereby members are made to believe and they do.

  • Teeshi says:

    I attended this presentation and what I got out of it was the truth. They never tried to sell anything to me. It was up to me to make the decision YES or NO. I heard everyone talk about a Pyramid Scheme, but think about it…. Isn’t going to your 9-5 the same thing. Low man on the bottom making the big bucks for the owner and you getting little to nothing in return? You will never get rich from your job just remember that people. You advertise products you wear everyday and you don’t get paid. You go on facebook and take pictures and like stuff and market but never get any money for it. Why not try If you want something you must go out there and get it. You have to want it. You also must have a great team behind you in order to successed. Most of these reps I met have only been in worldventures for less than 6 months and have already gotten their BMW’s. This is amazing and let me tell you something they wanted it and are helping their teams.

  • kent says:

    $365?? to join $60 a month to do what you can do for yourself online Save your $$$
    as in a yrs time you have over a $1000 to put toward your trip! WV will not save you that much and you can take your trip when you want and not get rejected on most trips you try to take as they are always sold out!! No value here just a money profit steam by those dumb enough to think it is a great deal or don’t care how they make a $$$.

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