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Facebook EdgeRank

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 Is Facebook EdgeRank defeating your Fanpage Efforts?

Back in the day when you posted a status update on your Facebook Fanpage your fans saw it in their news feed.  Yes, it was that easy. Now…sorry to say for many Facebook Fan page owners we now must compete and over come the Facebook EdgeRank formula.

Why should a person with a Facebook Fan page care about the Facebook EdgeRank?

Because if you are looking to interact and engage with your fans, most likely they are not even seeing your status updates.  Yep, bummer…..

Facebook takes all the stories and they find the story with the highest Facebook EdgeRank score and guess what? If your story is ranked high through the Facebook EdgeRank process it will show up in your fan’s news feed.  Then Facebook will look for the next highest EdgeRank and show that story and so on.  Awesome for those who can rank high on their status updates but bad news for those who rank low because now their posts will not be shown to their fans.

Hmmmm….So, you have 2376 friends on Facebook but you are only seeing about 50 of them showing up in your news feed.  No, those friends that you don’t see didn’t stop posting and chances are they are posting, but you aren’t seeing it.  Why?  Two words Facebook EdgeRank.

For businesses who own a Facebook fan page you might find that the Facebook EdgeRank is holding you back.

Let’s Define Facebook EdgeRank

If you don’t know what EdgeRank is then you better listen up if you plan of getting exposure to your Facebook Fan page. Put in simple terms, Facebook EdgeRank are “objects” which are status updates, like links, photos, videos, or anything else that you can share on Facebook.

When you or someone else creates a status update they are creating what Facebook calls an “Edge”.

Every “object” receives a Facebook ranking, aka Facebook EdgeRank, which determines if it will show in your personal news feed.  So, if you are a business, you will WANT your “objects” to have a high Facebook EdgeRank, if you want the “object” to appear in your fan’s “Top News” feed.  The bad news…”objects” with a lowFacebook EdgeRank will not.

An object’s Facebook EdgeRank is based on three factors:

  • affinity or the relationship between the creator and user
  • interaction with the object (likes, comments, etc.)
  • time

Facebook creates a formula with those three factors above (which Facebook only knows the formula) and that is how Facebook EdgeRank is created.

Every “object” is scored based on the individual.

Explain the 3 Factors of Facebook EdgeRank, PLEASE

#1 Affinity Score

Basically an update or the “object” that is posted is given an affinity score, which is based on the interactions you have with the friend or fan who published the “object”.  So, if you interact more with a Facebook Fan page or a friend more often than say Mrs. X (your other friend) then you will receive a higher affinity score with that person.  Each time you visit a fan page, click the “Like” button, comment on a user’s status or look at a picture, you increase the affinity score you have with that “user”.

Let me make a point here, you can’t increase the affinity score of your own posts by just interacting more with someone that you want to see your posts showing up more on their news feed.  Though it will increase the likelihood of you seeing their posts more often, but it won’t be increasing your posts to their news feed.  It’s a one way street basically.

#2 Level of Interaction

Each interaction is weighted differently on Facebook.  The higher the engagement the higher the score. For example just “liking” a post won’t create a higher level of interaction as commenting on the post would.  Commenting requires a higher level of engagement therefore, Facebook will consider that a higher level interaction and the likely hood of you seeing more updates from that particular person is higher due to the Facebook EdgeRank score.

#3 Time

Yesterday’s news is just that yesterday’s news and who wants to read that?  We want fresh news! Therefore, newer objects are weighed more heavily than older ones which gives that person’s “object” a better chance of showing up in the news feed.

It’s important to understand these 3 elements if you want to improve the likelihood of your business “objects” from your Facebook Fan page showing up on your fan’s news feed.

How to improve your Facebook EdgeRank

#1: Post Objects That Encourage Interaction

You want to post objects that will encourage interaction through comments.  Just simply saying, “I’m tired” does not encourage interaction but, saying “Who else has had an exhausting week and tell me why?” creates a “buzz” to answer and engage with that “object”.

Remember to always create status updates that will create a discussion.  Try questions, using the questions option.  See example below:

Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank








You can even ask controversial questions or even post a controversial picture. People love to express their point of views and opinions.  Bottom line is, this makes your update engaging and now your Facebook EdgeRank will be increasing with that user.

#2: Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank Through Photos and Videos

If you post a video or a photo, the thumbnail will show up in the Facebook news Feed.  Notice lately how they are a lot bigger?  Well, that will get people’s attention and who can overlook a video of picture if it appears interesting.  Therefore, if you post a video or photo, ask a question under the “object” or write something that warrants engagement.

This example below was a 60 inch plasma 3D television we won through MLSP, which created a ton of engagement.

Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank


#3: Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank by Sharing Links

Post links because the link requires an action, click to get to the other side.  You can also share good content from other resources too.  Don’t just post the link, be sure to tell why you are posting the link and why your fans or friends should check it out.  This will increase the engagement on that particular post.

Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook EdgeRank

#4: Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank by Keeping it Fresh

You are probably connected to over 1000 people and you need to remember the  Facebook stream moves quickly. I always comment 3-4 times a day and sometimes even more.  Don’t worry if you don’t get any engagement on a post just move on to the next post.  If you are not getting the response you desired then consider changing up the engagement offer or try a different time of day. Just remember to keep it fresh and update several times a day.

#5: Improve Your Facebook EdgeRank by Asking Users to Share

Don’t be afraid to ask for your fans to share or to click “like” especially if you are just starting out. Just know it takes some time for a page to gain momentum but if you stay consistent you will speed up the process.

Facebook EdgeRank basically comes down to content.  You want to publish content that encourages engagement, through the users commenting, sharing and liking in order to have a killer Facebook Marketing system in place. Yes, Facebook has made it a little more difficult but it’s well worth the extra push to create engaging content when the results are an VERY active Facebook Fan Page.

With the addition of  Facebook EdgeRank affected your approach to Facebook marketing or your results? Leave your comments and questions in the box below.


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  • Clint Butler says:

    This is a great post Michelle. I was just learning about EdgeRank from another blogger and your explanation is a lot clearer. I guess it all boils down to engagement like you always say. Keep your fans interested in what you have to say, get them talking, and keep them talking.

  • Tim Cronin says:

    I can always count on you to be on top of all the latest and greatest changes to Facebook! This article is just another example of how to post great content for your fans. Thanks for sharing. You rock!

    • bpescosolido says:


      Thanks so much and glad you got some value from the post. Come back for more good stuff.


  • This is awesome Michelle. Once again you have shown the value of staying connected with you regarding facebook marketing. Thanks a lot.

    • bpescosolido says:


      Glad you liked the post and got some value from it. We’ll stay connected with Facebook so you can get the updates here at our blog.


  • Tim Scitti says:

    Thanks again for the great info. Michelle.

  • Robin Marks says:

    Michelle I understood knew little about edge rank and knew it effected status updates and stuff but didnt understand it before. Now I think i have the low down. Thanks!

  • Adrienne says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve read about this several times now so I finally think I’m getting the essence of what Facebook views as worthy to share. To me they are getting to be a lot like Google in that respect. Here I was thinking they were all about being social.

    Thanks for this in-depth explanation. I found it very helpful.


    • Michelle says:

      It use to be all about being social but FB is tricky. They change so much and it’s hard to keep up. But, hey I’m here to keep you updated. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anna says:

    Wow, how do you know so detailed about EdgeRank, Michelle? I had no idea about its existence, but after reading this post, I have this aha experience. Again, wow! Are we ever going to be able to keep up with all these changes and development?

    • bpescosolido says:


      There is a lot to keep up with. It’s almost a full time job :-)
      Glad you found the post useful. We’ll try to keep pumping out valuable content for all of our visitors.


  • Great post Michelle very informative and well done!

    Dr Benny Morris

  • Thanks for this explanation, Michelle. I thought I had a good handle on FB EdgeRank, but you taught me quite a few things here. I especially like your ways to improve your EdgeRank. I kind of figured that interaction was key, but I hadn’t thought of the way to use photos or videos to garner the attention of others to improve your EdgeRank.

    Very cool. Thanks for your leadeship. Off to vote for your blog in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest!

  • Dear Michelle,

    I really didn’t understand EdgeRank til now. What a fantastic explanation you’ve put together. I love how you keep it simple and succinct. I, like Bob, had an idea that this was about how well we get interaction going on our fanpages. I love the tips about how to get that going on! I’m going to start implementing these things right away and might do my own post about EdgeRank once I have a bit more experience working to improve it.

    Much appreciated!!
    Cat Alexandra

  • Pamie says:

    Your post its really inspire..Keep on sharing great post..

  • This is a fantastic and very insightful article! Thank you for all the great information, now I need to go and figure out how to adapt my page to this new algorithm – Thank you!

  • Thanks Michelle and Bill for this!! I was seriously wondering what happened and noticed the other day I have very little impressions for my posts. I have over 4,000 fans so I thought it was a bit bizarre. I love the tips you provided and appreciate you sharing!

  • olivia34newton says:

    Very well explained Michelle, it helps me understand more about edgerank. And thanks for sharing this very insightful post.

  • Ethel says:

    it’s another great article i have read today. you really did a great job on this one. thumbs up!

  • Great article! It sure is interesting how little we hear about EdgeRank from the folks at Facebook. After all, this is such a huge part of what we interact with online. Just as Google’s PageRank is a huge part of search, EdgeRank is slowly defining our social lives by filtering our content for us.

  • EdgeRank is Bad says:

    I have been paying to advertise on Facebook in order to build up my page. There is no doubt that this is very effective when you know how to do it. However, there was one thing that stood out to me which opened my eyes to the direction Facebook is moving in. There is an option to advertise only to your fans: an obvious red flag.

    So, I pay a lot of money to advertise on Facebook to get fans to like my page. I manage to get lots of fans as a result. But now my fans don’t get all my updates, because EdgeRank now determines which updates they should and shouldn’t get. Where does that leave me and how does it fit in with the option to advertise only to fans? Well, now I have to pay for more advertising for fans I already paid for have, so that I can reengage them. This is very wrong!

    My eyes have been opened to the true nature of EdgeRank: it’s all about putting page owners in a place where they will have to pay money to maximize their efforts to get their posts to show up in the feeds of fans that have already made it loud and clear that they want to see these posts when they Liked the page. In other words, it is all about the money.

    For people who are selling a product, this may work out well; but for those who are not profiting from their pages, it is a disaster!

    By the way, I have managed to get my fans to be more interactive lately, and my EdgeRank number has actually gone down. So what does that say about the system? It is obviously not working!

  • Debra says:

    I would like to make suggestion as your share bar is very obtrusive – follows all the way as I’m trying to read your blog had to cut and past into word to make out what I’m supposed to read very in your face. sorry but not something I would like to do to my subscribers/readers.I like to read before I think something is worthwhile for a share . . .not be forced into it. regards Debra

  • Debra says:

    Michelle and Bill,
    Now that I have finished reading your article, I have learnt a lot especially as I am new to facebook marketing and am going to build a business fanpage very soon.
    thank you for the very informative article.When I get going I will return to share your article.

    Perhaps if you could move your share bar to the right of your blog for ease of users experience on your website.


  • Abbas Khalid says:

    Another great blog post once again! I love to read your blog dear Michelle. I was visiting your blog and got this page. Thank for the information

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