Importance of Goals and Targeted Audiences

Importance of Goals and Target Audiences In order to have a successful business in today’s world, having a social media presence is very important. If you already have social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Youtube, that’s a great start. However, having an account isn't enough for success. Many people make the [...]

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Social Media Strategy: 4 Must See Tips

4 Tips to a Rock Solid Social Media Strategy So you think you need a rock solid social media strategy in place to grow your business successfully? You're absolutely right! Having a social media strategy in place is critical for your business growth. However, I see a lot of entrepreneurs whose social media strategy is pretty [...]

Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness Using Your Smart Phone Today's post is all about some cool, nifty apps & tools to help you increase your brand awareness. I love my smart phone! In fact it's very much a part of our business and I don't mean the part where we use it to call [...]

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