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An Easy Way to Get More Facebook Likes

If you are a business owner building your business online using Facebook you probably are looking for an easy way to get more Facebook likes to your Facebook Fan Page.

“Likes” lead to fans which lead to engagement which lead to trust which ultimately leads to sales. ¬†Therefore, you NEED “likes” if you want to run a successful marketing campaign for you business on Facebook.

Now there are many ways to get more Facebook likes but I like this strategy that I teach in the below video at this current time the most.

Look at any successful business on using Facebook you will see they have a ton of likes and an engaging page.

In the below video called “An Easy Way to Get More Facebook Likes” I dive into one simple to implement strategy that has proven to be a hit for our business. Currently this strategy gets us anywhere from 15-50 likes a day.

Get More Facebook Likes

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  • Fabulous information Michelle.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for yet another little todbit to get more likes! I really appreciate it !

  • Dianna Wilson says:

    Hi Michelle – can I purchase your Social Media Mastery thru PayPal? The reason I’m asking is that the payments selection looks like it includes PayPal, but when I go to pay it only shows the credit card choices instead. I’m an MLSP Mastery level member and I would like to pay outside of MLSP thru PayPal.

  • Ron West says:

    Thanks Michelle, very useful information as always!

  • Mlm says:

    MLM Prospecting can be fun and easy. Having a system in place, like an autoresponder is imperative, if you want to succeed at prospecting for your business.It will allow you to generate leads automatically, create a relationship with your leads, even before you begin to talk to them. Your prospects will receive automatic emails that you will designate for them, according to what their needs or requests might be.

  • Lori says:

    Great training Michelle. Although, I do not show ‘get more likes’ I only have ‘new likes’ So where would that ‘get more likes’ be?

    • Kristy Burge says:

      Try switching to your personal profile and then go to your fan page. It didn’t show up for me right away (and I realized that I was in my fan page persona), but it showed up as soon as I switched to my personal profile. Hope this helps!

  • Nice….no wonder your the FB Queen.

    Keep em coming!

    Thanks again!

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