Attraction Marketing Over Old School Recruiting

Why I Chose Attraction Marketing Over Old School Recruiting Methods. I think the best way for me to share why I chose attraction marketing over old school recruiting methods is to just share my story & the facts with you today. First off...yes, this may piss off some "old school" MLM gurus.  Yes, I will [...]

2018-05-09T15:03:43-05:00May 18th, 2015|Network Marketing|1 Comment

Dealing With Excuses

Dealing With Excuses In today's video/post I want to discuss how you can start today in dealing with excuses in your life. First off, I get it. I know this industry can be hard, difficult, frustrating, tear provoking, overwhelming, and more. I can relate and I have been there.  Quite frankly I still go through [...]

2016-10-26T17:20:30-05:00February 28th, 2013|Network Marketing|4 Comments
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