Work with Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

If you are sick and tired of partnering up with smooth taking “gurus” only to hear crickets after you sign on the dotted line, then you have just found your home.


When you decide to partner with Michelle & Bill Pescosolido you’ll get both as your mentors.  Michelle & Bill Pescosolido have been in business since 2010 and they didn’t achieve their success, loyal following and 7 figure income by leaving people high and drive. 

Michelle & Bill Pescosolido deliver and quite frankly people will tell you they over deliver.

There are a few ways you can work with Bill & Michelle. To determine what is best for you please fill out this form HERE

Imagine never struggling again, imagine never being overwhelmed, imagine having a clear vision & direction with your business, imagine having a step by step guide, how would that feel?  You deserve it!

Bill & Michelle don’t believe in talking the talk but they do walk the walk with their team & clients.  They have social proof to back it up.  Look around on Youtube, Facebook, and their blog to see for yourself.  They have the numbers to back it up.

Here are just a few accomplishments:

  • Past Member of the Month in MLSP
  • Past Member of the MLSP Elite Marketing Team
  • Past L6 Leader Inside MLSP
  • Current mentors inside of EMP and top affiliate
  • Facebook Marketing Strategy Expert
  • Expert Prospecting Skills and Closing
  • Content & Copywriting Expert
  • Speaker at Live the Dream II, III, IV, V, VI
  • Speaker at NES3, NES4, NES5, NES6, NES7, NES8
  • Mastermind Retreat Coach/Trainer
  • Sold over 100K in Michelle’s Facebook product in less than 10 days
  • #1 Sponsor in North America for the month of May inside a previous primary company
  • #1 Recruiter
  • #1 Affiliate in several Affiliate contests
  • Sponsored over 32 Reps in 5 weeks into a $500 buy-in
  • Recognized among the industry as the “Facebook Marketing Queen”
  • Featured on WWN for 3 months in a row in 2012
  • BetterNetworker Instructor
  • Earned over $1 million in commissions inside less than 18 months.
  • Creators of Social Media Branding Academy, Social Media Branding Academy for Network Marketers, Power Player’s Club, Prospecting and Recruiting, Contributor to TMA, Facebook Ads for Beginners, Twitter PPC and many other courses.
  • And…much more…

So, if you are ready to fire your boss, bust out of your job, burn all those no nonsense courses you have bought and partner with a proven team and leaders, let’s get started.

Bill & Michelle ask the you meet the following requirements before you inquire about partnering:

  • You are coachable.  This means you can follow our proven steps to being successful whether you agree with our proven steps or not.  You will do whatever it takes to be successful.
  • You will not procrastinate nor make excuses.
  • You have a GREAT burning desire for success.
  • You have money to partner.  At least $500 and be willing to invest further in yourself and your business.
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and be uncomfortable.
  • You must have a positive mindset and willing to be responsible for your own success and failures.
  • You will be consistent on a daily basis, plug in daily, and be in this for the long haul.  Bill & Michelle are not looking for quitters.  They are only looking for serious people willing to commit and can handle the ups and downs of this industry.

Understand that if you have a desire to do online marketing you must realize that building an online empire is something that takes time to build, there is no magic button.  While Bill & Michelle make it look easy, know that they worked 14-16 hour days consistently for over 2 years now to get to where they are now.

Their goal is to get into profit fast and if you are focusing on being a student of online marketing this will not get you there fast, this is why being coachable is key to working with Bill & Michelle.

If this sounds like a fit for you fill out the application which you can access HERE.

Want more information on who we are and what we currently market as affiliates now?  Click the links below:


Power Player’s Club

One on one coaching (Not everyone will be accepted)

Michelle & Bill Pescosolido look forward to speaking with you soon!