Evolv Health. Having the right team can mean success.

In today's video Bill talks about the support and team that we've created in Evolv Health. It takes an army to build a successful business and we have assembled one of the strongest minds out there. Evolv Health Success: It's pretty common for us to speak with people that are struggling in their MLM. They [...]

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Bert Bledsoe Success Story

Bert Bledsoe Success Story Today I wanted to a different kind of video, something maybe you can relate too, get golden nuggets from and that's what I have for you, Bert Bledsoe success story. Now why am I doing this?  I get it.  You hear success stories from Bill & I all the time on [...]

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Michelle and Bill Pescosolido Updates

Michelle and Bill Pescosolido Updates Okay maybe it's not the Michelle & Bill Pescosolido Updates since it's only me in this video.  It's been such a whirlwind week for Bill and I. I have been in California all week for my grandma who had a stroke back three weeks ago.  Bill has been playing mommy, [...]

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