Mobe Diamond Mastermind: Fun in the sun! [VIDEO]

Mobe Diamond Mastermind: Fun in the sun! [VIDEO]

In today’s post I just wanted to share this fun little video of Bill and I at the MOBE Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia. Come on in and join us as we take you on a tour of our Ocean Villa Suite over looking the Indian Ocean.

Bill and I actually upgraded our room at the MOBE Diamond Mastermind to this amazing suite, where we stayed for 11 nights.  Now I don’t share this with you to brag, but share this with you so you can see what’s possible with focus, dedication, passion and hard work.

The price of this room was $1150.00 here at the MOBE Diamond Event.  Something 5 years ago Bill and I wouldn’t even think of getting at a resort like this.  In fact 5 years ago we wouldn’t even consider traveling to Bali because back then, we could barely afford to pay our mortgage, car payment and other bills we had.

There were many occasions our bank account was in the red. I had to ask my mother on many occasions to help us pay our electricity bill so we could get our power turned back on.  As embarrassing as that is to share, I share it because I know it’s real in many of your lives.

Bill & I are nothing special. We didn’t have any magical, internet skills when we started out in this industry.  All we had was a laptop, a dream, and the desire to achieve it.

No, list, no following, no technical skills, no training or experience, just a newbie.

So after over a million dollars earned online and a nice paid for Mercedes E350 sports coupe, here we are today.  We travel the world, spend a ton of time with our kids, work from home, no financial worries, and plenty of time freedom.

mobe diamond

Mobe Diamond Mastermind

So how did we get to where we are today & get the opportunity to spend 11 nights in the Ocean Front Villa at the Bali Mobe Diamond Mastermind?

1. We picked a system that we could leverage that offered all the training, tools, community, and on going updates to leverage.  I’d like to say we took a shortcut.  Instead of trying to create capture pages on our own, figure out how to market on our own, we chose to leverage a system that had all this in place.   That system that we started out with early on was a system called EMP.

2. We chose 1 marketing method which was Facebook.  We took the capture pages from the system we were leveraging and started to build our list.  We figured out early on by listening to one of our mentors, that the money is in the list.  I didn’t quite understand that, but I knew he had a big list and he was making a ton of money so it must be the right thing to focus on.

Build your list big and fast.  Consistency was key.  We started to market on Facebook and started generating leads that very day with Facebook ads.  I’d like to say I focused so much on learning Facebook that I got my PhD in mastering Facebook marketing.  I was self taught through making mistakes, staying up to date with the changes and engrossing myself daily into building our business online using Facebook.  Grab my Facebook Cheat Sheet HERE. 

3. We focused on communicating with our list.  Not by just slapping in automated emails into our autoresponder, but by actually building relationships with the subscribers on our list.  We offered our services to our list for free in the beginning.  We made ourselves available to our subscribers if they needed help.

In the beginning it was like the sound of crickets but over time the consistency paid off and subscribers started coming out of the list asking for advice and help, which led to sign ups in our business.  The sign ups came due to our willingness to help the person that was struggling get from A to Z.

Not only did we build a relationship with our list but we also offered value to the subscribers on a daily basis. Examples, were video tutorials on how to do something on Facebook, PDF reports, checklists, mindset videos, etc.  All focusing on how to help them be successful online.

4. Finally and probably one of the biggest reasons for our success was having a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE.  I can’t tell you how many times I got knocked down flat on my butt and got back up with bruises and scratches.  In fact those knock downs are the reason we are here today. We got back up, learned from the mistakes and tried something different that worked.

I have to also add in, which maybe should be #5, but having a mentor early on was huge for us.  A good mentor that is. Someone who was earning 8 figures that worked with us one on one.  Oh and he didn’t do that right out of the gate.  I had to work with him in his business and prove to him I was dedicated and proved to him through my results.

You don’t just get an 8 figure earner’s attention by asking.  You need to get results for them.  That’s what we did early on.

As you can see through this simple process I have laid out too many people find themselves off the path in different directions.  I can assure you if you stick with the game plan I mentioned above and implement my suggestions you can have success, but it takes passion, dedication, no whining, no excuses, no laziness, drive, all that even when you don’t feel like it.

There really is no secret formula if you ask any top internet marketer out there but what they all have in common is amazing work ethic.  So do you have what it takes?  I don’t know… have to answer that for yourself.

Too many times I see people struggling and I can see exactly why but they refuse to hear the truth.  So with that said…..ask yourself if you have what it takes to be successful.

It all starts with you….. your passion, your drive, your dedication, no excuses, no whining, no blaming, being accountable, no laziness, and an amazing work ethic.

If you are looking for a way to partner with us and allow us to help you get from point A to point B then take a look at what we are doing.  We don’t just slap you into a program, we actually work with you once you partner with us.

I want to encourage you to take a look today, Click HERE and we look forward to hopefully working with you.

I hope you enjoyed our video from the MOBE Diamond Mastermind that you saw above.

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