What is the Difference Between MLSP, MOBE, & MITS

In today’s video I want to discuss what the difference is between MLSP, MOBE,& MITS!


MLSP is a system that I’ve been using for almost 4 years now. When I first got started in the industry I struggled to build my network marketing business. My upline just kept telling me I needed to talk to 5-10 people per day and I struggled with that. I used to have to pitch the bartender, the UPS guy, anyone within a few feet of me was going to get pitched. It was a constant struggle. I remember thinking to myself that there must have been some type of hidden secret to success because I was doing everything I was told with nothing to show for it.

Why My Lead System Pro works:

People don’t join strangers, and people don’t join business opportunities.  People join people that are knowledgeable and that know how to get results. If you hold greater value and knowledge than your prospects and they truly feel like they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you it will open up the flood gates to your business. It doesn’t matter what business your in, MLSP can work for you.



What is MTTB? MTTB is a product of MOBE. We joined MOBE because we decided MLM was not our cup of tea, we were the top recruiters in our MLM company and still weren’t making the kind of money we wanted to make. People often times would quit on us, the hotel meetings, and home meetings weren’t for us. We found a different business opportunity, and we did a LOT of research, and for us this has turned into our most profitable online program. We’re super excited about MTTB. MTTB is the starting point for MOBE. You get 21 steps of training that get unlocked by a SIX or SEVEN figure coach that is trained by Matt Lloyd and the MOBE team. It’s only $49.00 to start, and it will explain the entire process and business model.

MOBE is short for My Online Business Empire and it’s online business that was developed by our friend Matt Lloyd.  It’s a high ticket affiliate sales program with built in traffic coaches, mentoring, sales teams, phone team, and MUCH more. You can earn 1k, 3k, 5k commissions with MOBE. It’s a revolutionary way of building a business online through the licensing model and duplication model – similar to a franchise model, you acquire the license to run the business which you then only need to duplicate success of other successful business owners by following the exact 21 steps system laid out in your training area. We’re so excited to have found MOBE and are looking for people to partner with us.


MITS is short for My Internet Traffic System by my friend Vince Reed. It’s a beginner to advanced training suite full of internet marketing. You can learn everything from Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

I hope this clears things up, below are the links to each system so you can take a look for yourself!
MOBE http://michellepescosolido.com/mttbyoutube
MITS https://onlinewealthpartner.com/MITS
MLSP http://malpha.bizbuilderuniversity.com

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