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How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook Ads That Convert Do ever struggle with creating Facebook ads that convert? Generating leads and acquiring customers are two of the biggest challenges that people face when running ads on Facebook. Finding the right combination of targeting, ad copy, and ad images can make you feel like a mad scientist in a laboratory. The problem [...]

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Quick Facebook Engagement Strategy

Quick Facebook Engagement Strategy Today I want to share with you a quick Facebook engagement strategy that will increase your engagement without costing you much time. I have to admit, in the past there have been some Facebook engagement strategies put into play in our business failed due to the strategy being quick and easy. Not this [...]

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Facebook Canvas

Facebook Canvas: An Immersive & Expressive Experience Facebook Canvas as of today, is a new feature that has been rolled out to all Facebook advertisers. Simply put, now advertisers can bring life to their stories within the mobile device. When a user clicks on a Facebook Canvas ad the media will open up a full-screen [...]

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Facebook Preferred Audience

Using Facebook Preferred Audience for Better Audience Optimization Facebook just released a new feature for Fan Page owners called Preferred Audience or Facebook Audience Optimization. "Audience Optimization is an organic targeting tool to help publishers reach and engage their audience on Facebook and better understand the interests of people clicking on their posts." - Facebook As a [...]

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Facebook Ads: The #1 Mistake And How To Avoid It

The #1 Reason Why Most People Fail With Facebook Ads Want to know the #1 reason why most people fail with Facebook Ads? You know the people.... Those people who are saying, "Facebook doesn't work!" "I lost money on Facebook!" "Facebook is just stealing money from me!" "I tried it and I didn't generate one [...]

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Facebook Targeting Options

Facebook Targeting: 4 Simple Ways To Increase Conversions One of the biggest reasons why most advertisers fail miserably on Facebook is because they lack a true understanding of Facebook targeting options. Every single ad created using the Facebook advertising platform will require you to specify who you want to target.  Nine times out of ten when [...]

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Social Media Strategy: 4 Must See Tips

4 Tips to a Rock Solid Social Media Strategy So you think you need a rock solid social media strategy in place to grow your business successfully? You're absolutely right! Having a social media strategy in place is critical for your business growth. However, I see a lot of entrepreneurs whose social media strategy is pretty [...]

Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Simple Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness Using Your Smart Phone Today's post is all about some cool, nifty apps & tools to help you increase your brand awareness. I love my smart phone! In fact it's very much a part of our business and I don't mean the part where we use it to call [...]

The Truth Behind Paid vs. Free Marketing

The Truth Behind Paid vs. Free Marketing The truth behind Paid vs. Free Marketing You may have heard a lot talk about utilizing paid vs. free marketing strategies when building your business online.  Well in today's article and video we will break down the differences between the two and uncover some of the [...]

5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement

5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement Over the past year we have witnessed Facebook Fan Page engagement decrease significantly. While some marketers have adjusted nicely, many others have unfortunately ditched their Facebook Fan Page marketing strategy and have moved on to other mediums. However, Facebook still remains  one of the most [...]

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Attraction Marketing: Is It Right For You?

What Is Attraction Marketing and Is It Right For You? Is Attraction Marketing right for you? Before you start marketing online there is something that you absolutely must know about if you want to successfully build an online business.  It’s called Attraction Marketing.   So What Is Attraction Marketing and Why Do You Need [...]