About Michelle Pescosolido

Michelle has been in the home based industry since 2010 where she has built multiple 6 figure businesses online and in 2015 a 7 figure business. Her and her husband are now top affiliate marketers and specialize in Facebook marketing. They both are speakers and trainers who focus on helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into a money making business.

How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook

How to Grow Your Email List Using Facebook Social Media has completely changed the game when it comes to internet marketing. In fact, it's easier than ever to connect with your customers using Social Media platforms such as Facebook. One of the many benefits of using Facebook to market your business, is the ability to grow [...]

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5 Creative Ways Use Your Email List With Facebook Ads

  5 Creative Ways to Use Your Email List With Facebook Ads: Looking to convert more customers from your email list? Then check out the custom audiences section in your Facebook Ad manager. One of the options for creating a custom audience in your ad manager is the ability to upload your email subscriber list. You [...]

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Understanding Facebook Ad Objectives

Understanding Facebook Ad Objectives Have you ever noticed all the different Facebook ad objectives in the Ad Manager? If so, are you slightly confused by all the different possible choices? There are so many ad objectives to choose from and if you choose wrong... ... you won't get the results you're looking for! What's worse [...]

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16 Facebook Live Tips For Business

Facebook Live Tips You Should Implement Right Away Looking for Facebook Live tips? You've come to the right place. Facebook Live is hot right now! If you want to... Increase your brand awareness Gain more customers Create a loyal audience ... then you should be implementing Facebook Live videos in your marketing. Not to mention [...]

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6 Facebook Live Video Tips To Get You More Views

How to Get More Views On Your Facebook Live Video Looking for Facebook Live Video Tips? Then you've come to the right place! In this article I'll share with you 6 simple Facebook Live Video Tips so you can... Triple your brand awareness Build a stronger than steel relationship with your audience Generate gobs of laser [...]

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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change The Facebook news feed algorithm is constantly changing and as marketers we always need to adjust our sails to stay on target to reach our goals. These constant changes may upset a lot of marketers. However, in my opinion it should motivate businesses to continue evolving to become better as Facebook changes it's news [...]

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Dot Com Lifestyle

The Dot Com Lifestyle I logged into our Dot Com Lifestyle leader's skype chat group and saw a message from our business partner and good friend Matt Lloyd. In his post he shared some amazing advice that he recently shared with his list of subscribers.  I thought it was solid advice for those of you [...]

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Twitter Marketing Class

Stop creating content right now! Seriously… just stop.  Stop writing blog posts Stop sharing your offer on social media Stop promoting your offer online.  Why?  Because hardly anyone is seeing your stuff!   Did you know that with the current SEO rules and the algorithms that Social Media uses… unless your using advanced paid marketing [...]

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How To Create Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook Ads That Convert Do ever struggle with creating Facebook ads that convert? Generating leads and acquiring customers are two of the biggest challenges that people face when running ads on Facebook. Finding the right combination of targeting, ad copy, and ad images can make you feel like a mad scientist in a laboratory. The problem [...]

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Get Free Access Today to Our 7 Figure Facebook Blueprint!

This is the exact blueprint we use in our own business!

Your information is 100% secure with us and will never be shared

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