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Pro Blog Academy a course soon to be released by our good friend and business partner Ray Higdon is a course that will take you by the hand to teach you exactly how to get results as you can see in this picture below.  This picture shows the exact person’s credentials who is delivering you this course.  I would say Ray Higdon knows a thing or two about blogging.  Alexa ranking of 19,123 and US 4,743.

Ray HIgdon

Ray HIgdon






Wouldn’t it just make sense to learn from someone who has social proof as in this image above?

I have been a business partner of Ray Higdon since August of 2011 and I have watched him grow his blog at a fierce rate. In his newest course, due to come out sometime in June, Pro Blog Academy, Ray will be taking you by the hand and teaching you exactly how to become a blogging pro, as he has done.

Ray Higdon has generated a long term residual income from his blogging efforts and generates upwards of 50 leads a day from his blog all for free and now he is sharing his secrets to success.

Ask yourself this…..would you like to not spend a dime in advertising and generate traffic and/or leads for free?  Well you can and as an owner of Pro Blog Academy you will get the Ray Higdon exact blueprint.

What’s inside the Ray Higdon Pro Blog Academy?

Very seldom do you actually find a step by step program and Ray Higdon delivers in hand holding steps. You will receive his exact blueprint to success on how he generates upwards of 50 leads a day to become the #1 income earner of his primary company.

Pro Blog Academy Modules:

Module 1 – Creating Your Online Income Machine

In this module Ray Higdon shares his exact strategy to blogging and also discusses the necessary wordpress plug-ins to make your posts go viral among other networks. What’s great is if you struggle with technology you are in the right place because Ray Higdon teaches you ways to overcome the technology struggle as he himself is not an expert in technology, yet still has achieved phenomenal success.

Module 2 – Becoming a Content Creation Machine

Most think they really need to be creative to create content.  Ray Higdon proves this isn’t the case and gives you a plethora of ideas on where to find content.  In this module Ray over delivers with value.

Ray guarantees that once you have completed this module you will NEVER be stuck for content ideas again! Big Guarantee, but I know Ray and he always delivers!

Module 3 – It’s All Traffic!

Traffic is key and if you don’t have traffic you can’t generate leads or convert. Ray Higdon takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to get quality targeted traffic to your blog.  Even if you don’t know your targeted traffic Ray teaches you in this module how to identify your targeted traffic.  This module is powerful and will get you ranked on the first page of Google.

Module 4 – Converting Your Traffic

Now that you have traffic you gotta know how to convert that traffic into cash. Ray Higdon didn’t become the #1 income earner by not becoming an expert in converting traffic from his blog. He achieved massive 6 figure success in just a matter of 18 months.

Here’s the deal.  Since I am good friends with Ray Higdon and have the inside scoop I can give you the most up to date information on the release of this course in June of 2012.  Fill out the form below to get on my exclusive VIP Pro Blog Academy list and get the most up to date information before anyone else does on the bonus offerings.  With most launches bonuses are key but you have to know when to be ready to snatch them up.  That’s what I will be providing you if you fill out the VIP Pro Blog Academy form below.

Don’t delay and stay tuned here at this link in the meantime – Pro Blog Academy

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