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Pro Blog Academy

Pro Blog Academy

From bankrupt to making a million in less than 18 months Ray Higdon has been defying the odds against him. Not only was he on the verge of bankruptcy, he had bill collectors chasing him, and his house in foreclosure. I can personally call Ray Higdon a good friend, business partner and I highly encourage you to check out his free video today by clicking Pro Blog Academy .

So, how did he overcome all these obstacles? I personally joke and say he is not human and yes, I believe he has some sort of super powers that I am unaware of. You be the judge and get yourself on his free webinar Thursday night where he is going to reveal to you his secret step by step strategy to his phenomenal success through blogging.  Click HERE. 

What can you expect from Pro Blog Academy

pro blog academy

Pro Blog Academy










You can expect Ray Higdon to overdeliver for one, and you can expect bonuses.  Not only bonuses from Ray but also from us if you choose to buy and learn more from Ray Higdon through our link: Pro Blog Academy 

Here is what you will get in Ray Higdon’s course:

Module 1 Pro Blog Academy – Create Your Online Income Machine

  • A secret persuasion trigger to guarantee every single blog post will be a slam dunk before your fingers even touch the keyboard.
  • Ray Higdon will show you his unique and proprietary process to attract a steady stream of laser-targeted and super qualified traffic to your blog.
  • Maybe it’s technical skills you lack and you feel it’s holding you back.  Ray Higdon will show you a shortcut for those technologically challenged that will save you a ton of time.
  • Ray will show you also in this module one small phrase that made him an EXTRA $100,000 in commissions over the last 18 months.
  • How to turn your blog into a well oiled cash machine and discover in this module the best ways to monetize your blog from the start.

Module 2 Pro Blog Academy – Becoming a Content Creation Machine

  • Ray Higdon in this module will show you that content isn’t hard to come up with.  He will give you 3 specific methods on how to get amazing content that almost writes itself. You don’t even need to be creative to do this.
  • Discover in this Pro Blog Academy module some sneaky little tricks that will grab a hold of your prospects and they will be begging to join you in your opportunity.
  • A step by step formula to make your content speak directly to your visitors as if you were writing a personal letter to a close friend.
  • Again it’s all about content in this module and Ray Higdon will also be showing you exactly how to know what your visitors want to hear.
  • SEO doesn’t have to be scary and Ray will show you his two minute SEO strategy that will optimize your posts to the max.  Yes, only 2 minutes.
  • Discover how to get credibility even if you don’t have credibility. Create a following that makes you the logical choice to visit. You will get massive exposure from this strategy and will be building a huge brand online.
  • Ray will reveal to you his 4 unique fetching techniques that will pay you in 4 different ways to find good content.

Module 3 Pro Blog Academy – Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

  • How to make Google fall in love with your blog and send you gobs of traffic.  You will get Ray’s best traffic getting tools. This is how he attracts 30,000 unique visitor every month to his blog.
  • A little known process to squeeze the most SEO juice by placing your blog links in the secret places that most SEO “gurus” don’t want you to know about.  It’s so simple and step by step that it will blow your mind at how easy it is.
  • Smart outsourcing tips and red flags. You’ll discover what you can outsource safely and cheap……and what you should stay away from to avoid wasting time and even the possibility of getting your website in trouble.
  • When are the best times of the day to send out your emails. Something I’ve tested thoroughly.
  • Best ways to start a frenzy of social activity, form your own tribe and create a cult-like following by EXPLODING the number of comments, likes and Google+’s your website gets.
    This BOOST in interaction will help you keep more people on your websites longer and is one of the major secrets that search engines love.

Module 4 Pro Blog Academy – Converting Your Traffic

  • The SINGLE MOST important phrase you can use with your prospects. This one line will cut through all the resistance and eliminate any skepticism your prospects have.
  • You’ll discover how to build, retain and monetize your list, while keeping your subscribers happy and eager to hear from you. Proven list building strategies.
  • How to write riveting emails that grab attention and get read.
  • This is the secret sauce to building a long-term business that puts all your follow up on complete auto-pilot, as well as sends a river of cash-flow into your bank account each and every time your push the SEND BUTTON.
  •  Warning….How to steer clear of the deadly marketing sins most people make with their emails.
  • Avoid these like the plague to keep your list happy and looking forward to your emails.
  • PLUS, as a BONUS, Ray Higdon will show you the single best way to attract the cream of the crop in your niche.
  • Why waste your time scooping and scraping the bottom of the barrel, when you can get the best in the biz to partner with you.

It’s loaded it’s jam packed and Ray Higdon over delivers in this course.  If you want the truth without the hype and without the fluff this is the course for you.

There are very few people I would buy a blogging course from and Ray Higdon is one of those people I recommend.  If you want a great addition to your training library then Pro Blog Academy is a must for you library.

If you decide this is the course for you because you are sick and tired of buying stuff that under delivers then accept our bonuses too:

  • Blogging For Profits Course is a great addition to Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy course that will compliment everything Ray teaches.
  • Private Facebook Mastermind Group access where we will be in there everyday moderating your questions and getting you the answers you deserve.
  • Linkedin Course where you will get our step by step guide to marketing your business online with Linkedin.
  • A private 30 minute coaching session from Bill where you can strategize on the best way to build your business for a massive following.

In order to qualify for our bonuses you must register through our link and buy through our link.  This may require you to clear your cookies, better yet you should if you want to ensure you grab all of our bonuses plus Ray’s bonuses.  If you don’t know how to clear your cookies be sure to Google how and follow those instructions exactly.  Here is our link to buy. Pro Blog Academy.

We look forward to working with you inside the Pro Blog Academy by Ray Higdon.

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