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Pro Blog Academy


Pro Blog Academy $300 Giveaway or Your Chance to Win The Course For FREE!

Register Now For Tonight’s Webinar and You Can Win Live $300 Cash or the Pro Blog Academy For FREE!

No purchase necessary.  You must be live on the webinar to win as we will be announcing the winner live. Starts at 7:30 EST, Wednesday June 20, 2012.

Want a chance to get your name in the drawing twice? If you are considering investing in yourself and your business then go ahead and pick up Pro Blog Academy by clicking HERE.  We will be doing the drawing live tonight and if you buy the course before the webinar starts you will have two chances to win $300 cash.

Did I mention our insane bonus offering? I have received numerous emails asking me, “Michelle is the Facebook course you are giving away the REAL course you have been selling at for $297?”  My response is YES!  It’s not a slimmed down version, it’s the entire course and it’s yours for the taking, if you buy Pro Blog Academy from us by midnight EST Wednesday June 20, 2012. Click HERE.

So let’s do a recap of the Pro Blog Academy bonuses:

You come to the webinar tonight:

  • You will your name thrown into the drawing, once to win Pro Blog Academy for FREE or $300 cash.
  • You must be in attendance to win

If you buy Pro Blog Academy before the webinar:

  • You will get your name entered into the drawing twice to win $300 dollars cash.
  • You will receive my Facebook course, yes full version
  • You will receive my Blogging for Profits Course
  • You will receive our new LinkedIn Marketing Course
  • You must buy from this link, Click HERE

Check this out:

After implementing one strategy that Ray Higdon teaches in his course our Alexa ranking has been dropping everyday.  We are now down under 13,000 most visited site in the US because of this one strategy I am going to get Ray to share with you tonight.

Pro Blog Academy

Pro Blog Academy





Then there is this result after implementing another ninja strategy Ray will share tonight. The image below shows us getting anywhere from 30-144 leads a day, yes every single day.

Pro Blog Academy

Pro Blog Academy





How would you like these results?  Do you think this would change your business and put it into more profit?  I think so because it did for us and we can’t even keep up with all the leads that are coming in and the automated sign ups.

All you need to do is get to this webinar tonight and cash in on all our bonuses.  Ray Higdon, our good friend and business partner will be sharing tonight at 7:30pm EST, how we went from deep, dark depression with the weight of regret, shame and guilt to becoming the top earner in his company, winning eight vacations and even a new car all from blogging.

Think blogging doesn’t work? Tell that to Ray that gets 20-144 leads per day from his blog (without spending a dime).

It wouldn’t be ok for us to say that you will earn thousands of dollars and start getting hundreds of leads a month by simply attending tonights webinar but heck, some people have and so can you!

Register here and invest your time in your future and learn from someone who is at the top of his game and how you can get to the top of yours!

We will see you tonight on the Pro Blog Academy Call!

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