In today’s post I want to talk about MOBE, and why we left the MLM industry.

When we first started trying to build a business online we were in the Network Marketing/Multi Level Marketing industry. As usual we started trying to do MLM the traditional way, making a list of warm market contacts, calling them up to pitch them on our business opportunity, trying to get them to home or hotel meetings to view our business presentation etc.

However, we struggled to do this successfully, so we went online to try and find away to build our MLM business using the internet. This is when we stumbled upon Affiliate Marketing, however the products we promoted initially were low end affiliate products that ranged between $7.00 to $500.00 dollars. We had to sell a LOT of these low end products to make $5k to $10k a MONTH.

So how is MOBE different?

Well our BEST day in MOBE was over $23 THOUSAND dollars in ONE DAY! It used to take a whole month for us to make that kind of money doing traditional Affiliate Marketing.

Thanks to MOBE we also now have access to a MOBE Phone Sales team that will call our leads, and



close them on our products. At this point we pretty much only have to focus on driving TRAFFIC to our offers, we are able to have the time and financial freedom that we need thanks to MOBE.

So if you’re struggling to make a full time income online in your current Affiliate Marketing model then I invite you to take a look at MOBE. It’s only $49.00 to get started, and you will get access to the MOBE 21 step program, as well as a certified MOBE coach to help guide you along the way.

Also when you partner with us you will get access to our members exclusive Online Profit Team inner circle mastermind team. Where you will get access to a website that is made just for you, so you can start getting results by marketing our system online!

If you’re ready to get started click HERE.

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