In this video I talk about the PLAN, DO, TEACH, method. These are just a FEW of the things I learned at the MOBE Platinum event in Costa Rica.. Enjoy!


You have to plan what it is you’re having to get done for your business, once you’ve done the PLANNING stage you must IMMEDIATELY move into the DO phase, so if you plan to call your leads you need to DO that and call them, there cannot be a gap within this process, and finally you need to TEACH what you’ve done, once you’ve executed your method you then TEACH others to do the same.


MOBE is a high ticket powerful business system where you get your own traffic coach, support team, step by step road map to online success. If you HATE to call leads then have no fear because we have our own team of folks that will call leads for you! You can be successful in internet marketing as long as you learn from the RIGHT people.

There are multiple ways to have success with MOBE. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or whether you’re advanced. When you follow the PROVEN 21 step formula that you get when you join MOBE you too WILL be successful. Bill and I haven’t been this excited about a business in a long time.

We’ve learned that by sharing this opportunity with others like YOU that we can help people take steps in the right direction to ensure their online success. Here are some other amazing benefits of joining MOBE. You get to work one on one with your VERY OWN traffic coach who will guide you and mentor you as well as hold your hand while you learn the ropes, you will also have access to some AMAZING training from SIX and SEVEN figure earners on how you can have the success you’ve always dreamed of!

Can you imagine having the ability to earn 1k, 3k, and 5k commissions all from ONE program? This is part of the reason Michelle and I decided to jump on board the MOBE wagon, and TRUST ME you will want to join us as well and come along for the ride!


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