MOBE Case Study

Meet Donna Gallegos-Griffith; a Platinum member of MOBE, a member of our Online Profit Team, and the subject of today’s MOBE case study.

Before joining us in MOBE and the Online Profit Team, Donna was a Financial Advisor, Life Insurance Agent and Tax Preparer for a CPA firm. MOBE case study

Donna was fully aware of the benefits of talking face-to-face to clients and being paid on performance rather than on time.

So when she joined a Network Marketing company she thought her previous experience speaking face to face with clients would automatically lead to tremendous success in her new business venture.

But she was sorely mistaken.

In this MOBE case study, I’ll first share with you what went wrong for Donna and why she wasn’t able to effectively grow her network marketing business.

Then I’ll share with you what Donna learned that enabled her to go from ZERO results…

… to hitting a major milestone within her company including creating $145,000 in revenue.


First, Here’s What Went Wrong…

Because of Donna’s background within the Financial Services industry she assumed that her previous face to face experience would mean she could have massive success in her new network marketing company.

However, relying exclusively on her warm market of friends, family, and acquaintances was very limiting and didn’t yield the kind of results she had hoped for.

Also, this “warm market” method required constant face to face interaction to:

  • Assess their needs
  • Educate them on the various products and solutions of her network marketing company
  • Recruit or sell them on the opportunity or products

But it was a constant grind.

To make matters worse, even when she met face to face with these people, only about 1 in 50 would be interested enough to be a fit.

Can you believe that?

She had to meet with 50 people face to face only to get 1 of those people to join her business or become a customer!

You can only imagine the frustration and embarrassment Donna experienced from all of the rejection she received relying on these “old school” methods.


So What Did Donna Do?

Donna knew she had to find new qualified leads that would be interested in her products and solutions.

So she went online to find a solution and that is when she found the MOBE training program.

Using the marketing strategies and techniques she learned through MOBE, she was able to cross the first leadership level with her network marketing company, which is a significant milestone of $145,000. She is now well on her way to the second leadership level.

Watch This Video Now To See How Donna Hit $145,000 In Additional Revenue

Here’s What Went Right!

One of the strategies Donna learned through MOBE (and a major reason for her recent success) was to automate the lead generation process by utilizing an online marketing funnel that included…

  • A lead magnet
  • A lead capture page
  • Paid advertising

As a direct result of the MOBE training, Donna was able to expand her reach and reduce her face to face interactions.

This meant she went from previously speaking face to face with 50 people to get 1 sale…

… to now speaking on average to only 10-20 people over the phone to get a sale.

This alone more than doubled the amount of time she now had to focus on other things.

Speaking on the phone with leads is much more efficient than driving to lengthy face to face appointments.

Not only are the conversations shorter in duration but she can immediately tell if a candidate is not a right fit and politely end the conversation.

This saves her a tremendous amount of time and expense traveling to meetings only to meet with unqualified people who have little interest in her opportunity.

Additionally she’s saving money on gas and other expenses that resulted from all of the face to face appointments.


No More Embarrassment Or Rejection

Another signifiant benefit Donna received from her MOBE training…

… she no longer has to deal with the embarrassment or awkwardness that occurs when a friend or family member says “no” to her offer.

The leads she speaks to now have already seen her marketing or one of her ads.

In essence, they have “raised their hand” and expressed an interest in one of her offers.

Because these prospects have already been exposed to Donna and her offers they are far more responsive to her when she speaks to them.  

Donna now has tremendous confidence going into each conversation knowing that she already has a highly qualified prospect to speak with.


MOBE Case Study: Where Is Donna Now?

Thanks to the MOBE training Donna now has significantly more free time to do what she wants to do.

She’s not glued to her computer 24/7 and she no longer has to spend hour after hour driving to and conducting face to face appointments.

Due to the $145,000 in revenue she’s brought into her company Donna has made a significant rank advancement. MOBE case study

She’s already working towards her next one.

Talking about her training from MOBE, Donna says…

“No matter what business you are in… you need to take that business online… and this system will definitely help you.”

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