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Free Ray Higdon Pro Blog Academy Give Away

Hey guys, I have some exciting news on how you can get your hands on a FREE copy of the Ray Higdon Pro Blog Academy.  Yes, I said FREE and  it’s all going down on Wednesday, June 20th live.
Here is the plan….. This week pay close attention to your email if you are on our list or this blog for details of our upcoming webinar we are hosting.  (Want on our list? Just fill out the Facebook opt in course on the right of this post)
On Wednesday we will have as our special guest, Ray Higdon, and we are holding nothing back.  We are putting Ray Higdon in the hot seat and asking him the toughest questions about how he went from bankrupt to making a million in 18 months.  We want to know his secrets because it’s an insane story & strategy like no one teaches.
Want us to ask Ray Higdon a question for you?  We would be delighted and all you have to do is put your question in the comment section below this post and we will take care of the rest.  The webinar link will be sent out in the next few days so stay tuned.
Now you may be getting a ton of invites right now to other webinars where Ray Higdon is the special guest.  Here is what I want you to know….
Feel free to attend all those webinars but know this:
1. If you attend our webinar on Wednesday we will put your name into a drawing to win the Ray Higdon Pro Blog Academy course for FREE.  We will do the drawing live.
2. Want your name in the hat twice?  Well all you have to do is go ahead and buy from our link, from now up until the opening of our webinar and we throw your name in the hat twice. Click HERE to buy now. Now you have double the chance to win Pro Blog Academy for FREE.  I know…..you might be saying, “Michelle, I just bought it, how can I get it for FREE?”  Well my friend, we will refund you your money via paypal or any method you choose if you originally bought from us.
We do have record of who bought from us but still please send us an email to let us know you did by from us just in case.
3. Want to get your name in the hat 3 times?  Well you can have three times the chance and all you have to do is buy by midnight tonight, Saturday June 16th.  We put urgency on this because Ray Higdon is taking down some of the bonuses tonight and we want you to get the most bang for your buck.

Did I mention that if you buy the Ray Higdon Pro Blog Academy from our link you get the following?

1. Facebook Marketing Course – Click HERE (YES it’s the entire FB course!)
2. LinkedIN Marketing Course done by myself and Bill 
3. 30 minute strategy session on the phone one on one with Bill
4. Access to our private Facebook mastermind group
So, feel free to attend all the other webinars you are getting bombarded with, but if you do decide to buy from anyone other than us you will miss out on our insane bonus package.  You decide what’s best for you and bottom line is whoever you decide to buy from we are just happy you made the decision to change your business and invest in yourself.
Remember comment below with your questions and  if you don’t know Ray’s ridiculous story about how he went from bankrupt to a million in less than 18 months then go now and check it out so you can be prepared to ask us questions to ask him live.
Hopefully my friend we will see you on the webinar Wednesday with our special guest Ray Higdon.

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