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Don’t be a “Yellow Pages Marketer”

In this video Bill talks about how to avoid being a “Yellow Pages Marketer” He’s got some really incredible tips to check out the video below. So what is a Yellow Pages Marketer? There’s nothing wrong with home meetings, belly to belly prospecting, hotel meetings etc. However for most of us those old methods don’t work. Creating “Memory Joggers” when you’re trying to do MLM prospecting can be touch. This is what I like to call “Yellow Page Marketing”. When your upline tells you to call 20 people from your list and pitch them on your opportunity that’s a form of “Yellow Page Marketing”. A lot of us have taken to the internet to find pretty much anything and everything we want. My question would then be, why would someone stick to traditional forms of marketing when they can leverage the power of the internet to build an MLM business?...

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Calling your MLM Leads.

In this video Bill talks about calling your MLM leads. Often time people are scared to pick up the phone and make the first call. MLM Prospecting: With Bill’s prospecting tips you will be a pro in no time.  Do you ever find yourself drawing a complete blank on what to say when you call your leads? Have you ever been so nervous or afraid that you will mess up on the phone that you don’t even bother to call them??? The key to MLM prospecting success when calling your MLM leads is creating an open dialog with your prospects. A lot of marketers spend time generating leads online using the internet, but too many of them often go without ever picking up the phone and calling their leads. This is what will give you the opportunity to stand apart from everyone else. You wan to make sure you ask open...

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MLM Success. Are you setting yourself up for failure?

In today’s post I want to talk about MLM Success.. Bill and I, just got back from speaking at Live The Dream 4 which is a yearly event hosted by MLSP. We had an amazing time there, getting to meet so many people that are really serious about having MLM success. However, one of the things that really struck me was the amount of people that showed up. To be honest compared to the amount of people that are a part of the MLSP community the level of people that actually showed up was a small group. What does that say about trying to achieve MLM success? Don’t get me wrong, I know that these events can be a bit expensive for some people. I know what it’s like to struggle, trust me I had to make cut backs when I was starting my business in the beginning. I didn’t...

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Lead Generation Company. Why you need MLSP!

In this video Bill talks about the lead generation company we use called MLSP. Check out the video below if you’re struggling to get leads for your business. Why MLSP is the best lead generation company around. Every business needs leads, without them your business is dead in the water. More leads, more business, more sales, that’s how it works. Often times people struggle when it comes to finding a great lead generation company. With so many out there it can be hard to find the right one. Rather than resorting to buying expensive dead beat leads that have been sold to probably hundreds of business owners just like you it’s much better to invest in learning how to generate your own leads. So what is MLSP? MLSP is short for My Lead System Pro. It’s a lead generation company and platform that teaches you how to utilize the internet...

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MLSP Mastery. What’s in it when you upgrade?

In today’s video Bill talks about MLSP and a level in MLSP called Mastery. If you’re struggling to build your business then check out the video below. So what is MLSP Mastery? MLSP mastery allows you to earn 100% profits by promoting MLSP to other struggling network marketers. When you join MLSP you have the ability to come in at different levels. Academy, Gold, Platinum, and Mastery. Keep in mind that the amount of work you do to promote these systems is the same, but with Mastery the payouts in MLSP are even bigger. Instead of earning 35% from your MLSP sign ups you will earn $100.00 if they sign up for mastery. This is a game changer because now you’re able to build your MLM biz and get your marketing covered by other MLSP sign ups, you can leverage the internet, your marketing knowledge, and also create valuable relationships...

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MLSP.. Join our Rockstar Wednesday webinar!

Do you want to be a recruiting super star? In this video Bill talks about our upcoming MLSP webinar on prospecting! You’ve got to join us this Wednesday October 2nd 9pm Eastern for the MLSP webinar that will rock your socks off! You can register for the MLSP webinar HERE. How many times have you heard that if you do this business right, that you’ll never have to pick up the phone and talk to a prospect again? More than you can count right? But what if you found out that picking up the phone can completely boost your business into hyper-drive? In this video Bill talks about this Wednesday night’s powerful, can’t miss MLSP webinar that he will be conducting. He’s going to pull back the curtain to share exactly how he establishes rapport and build trust with his prospects in the very first few minutes of speaking with them. Be...

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Live The Dream 4.. MLSP!

In today’s video I want to talk about the Live The Dream 4 event by MLSP. Live events are crucial to your success. When I was first getting started in this industry I was struggling myself. I wasn’t able to attend a previous Live the Dream by MLSP. I am very excited to be a part of it. Bill was skeptical about our industry. MLSP helped change that. We got to meet the owners of MLSP and things started to change. Don’t get me wrong we had to work very hard but it was worth it. Live events can change your business. Live the Dream 4 by MLSP will inspire you. There is so much networking at events and LTD4 by MLSP is no exception. Even if you get to meet just one person that can inspire you, or hear one story that you can relate to, then it’s worth...

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What is My Lead System Pro

In this video Bill talks about My Lead System Pro! How can you use My Lead System Pro to build your business? Well watch the video below to learn why MLSP will change the way you build your business forever. In this video Bill Pescosolido discusses what is My Lead System Pro and how My Lead System Pro will help you build your business. If you’re struggling in network marketing or MLM and you want to generate leads. Then look no further than MLSP.  If you want to build your network marketing business online then you’re in need of a system like My Lead System Pro. You can use MLSP to monetize the leads that say NO to your primary business or MLM. That way you’ve still got income that comes in whether or not you sponsor into your MLM. MLSP is a platform that helps train you to become...

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My Lead System Pro. How can it help you grow your business.

Bill talks about My Lead System Pro My Lead System Pro is a system that Michelle and I have used over the last few years to become top recruiters and earners in our businesses. We are L5 Global Leaders within My Lead System Pro and it’s because we have been leveraging the system for over 3 years now. How can My Lead System Pro help you? If you’re new to network marketing or internet marketing all together then My Lead System Pro can be a great resource for you. Michelle and I continually train and develop the members of MLSP, and you get this incredible training that can help you build your business for a low monthly fee. My Lead System Pro also has weekly training by some of the top SIX figure earners in the home based business and internet marketing arena. Some of the biggest names in the...

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Live the Dream IV

Live the Dream IV – MLSP The time has come for one of my favorite events of the year, Live the Dream IV – MLSP.  Each year for the past four years MLSP has hosted the big Live the Dream event and this year is no different.  The event will take place in sunny San Diego, Ca on Nov 2-3, 2013. Bill and I will be featured speakers along with some other great industry leaders such as SEO master, Rob Fore, You Tube Masters, Frank Marino and Mark Harbert, Attraction marketing expert, Diane Hochman, Blogging expert, Ray Higdon and many many more….. More event details here ==> Click HERE Just recently Live the Dream IV – MLSP released a new bonus offering for those who purchase their tickets to the event. In addition to this 8 weeks worth of coaching sessions Bill and I are also throwing in our own...

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