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Let’s build on Twitter

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One thing I have learned is if you use twitter correctly, it  is a great way to build your business online.  I think there are a few essential tools you do need to run your twitter account successfully.

1. Download twitterdeck

2. Set up an accout at Tweetadder

3. Set up a Twitter account

With these three tools you are ready to explode your business.

If you are setting up a twitter account for the first time, make sure if you are promoting your actual business that you use your business name and maybe add in the city to your name.  This will help other followers looking for businesses in your area find you.  Often people start initially following companies within their city and you want followers!

If you are a person looking to brand yourself, to bring in distributors into your company then use your name.  Trust me on this branding yourself is the way to go if you are in the network marketing field.  This way people learn who you are by your name and they begin to trust you through the relationship you have built with them. Ultimately this will bring individuals into your organization once the trust is built.

Once you have set up your account in twitter make sure you have not left anything out as far as your bio and all other fields.  No one wants to look at a twitter account that is just blank.  Try to grab yourself a really cool background too.  Don’t make the mistake I did and have someone tell you your background stinks and then they send you a better one!  lol.  There are a lot of free backgrounds at Twitbacks.

Next, set up your tweet deck and be sure to link to your twitter account.  Once tweet deck is downloaded it is very easy to set up, just follow the instructions.  Some of the things I like about tweetdeck is you can also download it on your iphone and some other various devices.  I rarely use tweet deck on my iphone but I think that is a cool enhancement to the tweetdeck.

Tweet deck also allow you to add columns.  For instance I am in the Xyngular business so a column I added was tweets on Xyngular.  You can also add a column where you can view all the tweets in your area.  This is quite helpful for really connecting to people in your community.  When I say connect with them, I mean when you see a tweet you will want to respond to that tweet if it is of interest to you.  Or, better yet, do them a favor and retweet their tweets to all your followers.  You will get a thank you most likely, and they might just tweet out one of your tweets about how great your products are.

You can build your relationships all within the tweet deck.  The main actions you will want to do in your tweet deck is direct message people, maybe inviting them to join you on your facebook page.  You can also tweet right from the tweet deck.  Anything you can do on twitter you can do on tweet deck it is just has a better easy to use layout. You will want to respond to your follower’s tweets and start engaging in conversation.  That way when you feel it is right you can start sharing ideas and bring them over to your facebook.  Start answering their questions and maybe offer advice.   Become an expert on twitter they will begin to trust you and hopefully they will want to hear about your business opportunity.

Now the Tweetadder is a one time life time fee.  I am telling you now it is worth it.  I urge you to click on that link above and get it.  Here is why it is great.  You can customize a search and that will save into a list and you can begin automatically following them.  You can also load in a direct message to kick out to every person who follows you.  I like to welcome them and tell them I look forward to their tweets.  I also tell them to check me out of facebook.  That way you can also build your network on facebook at the same time.  Tweetadder also has the capability to upload all your tweets at one time and kick them out throughout the day.  You automate basically anything in this program.  I highly recommend it.

What I do urge you to do though is spend at least 30 minutes a day interacting with people in your twitter account and looking for replies to your tweets in your tweet deck.  Why?  Because really it is annoying when you know someone is just tweeting with an automation system and there is not a live person behind the twitter.

Have fun with it and enjoy building great relationships!  There are a lot of people out there on twitter who are also looking to connect.  In the meantime you will be building up your list for potential team members.