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MLM Prospecting: How to be an active listener.

In this MLM Prospecting video Bill discusses why you should be an active listener and how to engage your prospects on the phone. Check out the video below! MLM Prospecting: Why listening is important. When you’re in the middle of MLM prospecting it’s very important that you listen to what your prospects concern is. Make sure you let them know you’re listening by repeating what they have said so that you can acknowledge their concerns. Often times we speak so much during an MLM prospecting conversation that we don’t truly listen to what our prospects have to say. Remember that in MLM prospecting you want to be the authority figure, you want to become the problem solver, you can’t solve their problems if you don’t listen to what their problems are in the first place right? Another thing you want to do is make sure that you provide a solution...

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MLM Recruiting and Baseball

MLM Recruiting and Baseball What the heck does MLM recruiting have to do with Baseball?  Yes I had to ask Bill, what the heck? Believe or not there is a correlation between the two. In this video Bill explains how your perspective on prospecting and potential rejection can effect your MLM Recruiting. He also offers tips on ML Recruiting that will help you in your business and your daily method. If you want to become strong at MLM Recruiting then this video is a must watch!! Be sure to give us a comment, like and share if you found value in this video Bill did for us today. MLM Recruiting & Baseball If you are looking to get more people in front of your MLM opportunity and you are sick and tired of chasing around your wam market then take a look at the exact system that we have used...

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MLM Prospecting – Dealing With Objections

MLM Prospecting & Dealing With Objections So you decided to venture into the land of MLM and you are looking to master the art of MLM prospecting.  Are you prepared for the objections when it comes to MLM prospecting? I hope so and I don’t say that to scare you.  I say this because I want you to be prepared so you can achieve success.  It helps to know what is behind the door you about to enter so it doesn’t catch you off guard. For some unknown reason….(okay I have a hunch, but let’s run with this) people who are typically not in MLM have a bad taste in their mouth when they hear the word MLM.  In fact they run the other way and get all defensive when they see it coming down the road. So how can you overcome this unfortunate mindset of someone you are about...

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Understanding MLSP Leads

What Kind of Customer Are Your MLSP Leads Understanding the profile of your MLSP Leads will result in better conversions for your business.  This is one of the most important skills you can develop in your network marketing business. The understanding help you fully understand what direction you need to move forward with your prospect. In fact most people spend way too much time / energy in figuring out how to generate  their very first set of MLSP leads that they fail to get the training needed to understand what type of customer their MLSP leads are.  You can generate leads all day long but if you don’t understand how to talk to your leads you won’t have a business. So in the video below, my wonderful husband Bill Pescosolido, who is a master at recruiting is going to discuss the 3 different types of MLSP leads that you might encounter. Understanding...

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MLM Sponsoring

MLM Sponsoring Success – How Can You Make It Happen?                 If you want to be successful in MLM and/or network marketing, there is no short cut. No matter what the online marketers tell you, communication with people is key to MLM sponsoring.  If you are not achieving the desired results in MLM sponsoring, you typically don’t need to look too far to understand the reason why.  In the following post I will discuss some of the reasons as to why you may not be achieving the success in MLM sponsoring that you are looking for. If you want to master the art of MLM sponsoring, then know that communicating with prospects is a must when it comes to building a successful network marketing business.  This means if you are generating leads online or offline you still need to communicate everyday with those...

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MLM Prospecting

                    MLM Prospecting Using the 10 Penny Strategy This weekend Bill & I had the opportunity to attend the Millionaire Training 30 year reunion hosted by Larry Thompson.  What a refreshing event and to hear the success stories in our industry by those who built up their businesses, by what we tend to call now, “old school” style.  What I discovered from this event is that no matter how you are doing your MLM prospecting whether it be online or offline you must have a strong desire and a consistent game plan. MLM prospecting is the most important part of any network marketing business if you want to be successful. Yet we tend to put our mlm prospecting on the back burner and allow our distractions to keep us from the most important activity in our business. So, if you are...

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How to Handle the Pyramid Objection

It's gonna happen if it hasn't happened to you yet. You decide to venture out and approach someone who has NEVER been in network marketing. The only thing they know about network marketing is that it's a PYRAMID, so they think. How in the world are you going to overcome the pyramid objection?

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How to Recruit Fast in Your MLM?

Okay let me bring some painful reality to your online marketing efforts. You might be on our blog because you follow our training because we have built a successful 6 figure business online using online marketing. While online marketing is a great way to build your business, it isn't going to happen fast and you must realize this.

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