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Internet Marketing Method Solo Ads

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solo ads

Internet Marketing Method Solo Ads

Today as we embark on this series of discussing different marketing methods, I dive into the nitty gritty of internet marketing method solo ads.

I address the following questions in the video below and much much more…

  • Do solo ads produce quality leads?
  • What are solo ads?
  • How can internet marketing method solo ads be used in your business?
  • What to look for in a solo ads vendor?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using solo ads?
  • What kind of prospects will you find with solo ads?
  • and much much more…..
The purpose of me doing this video series is to take you on the inside of each internet marketing method and show you the truth behind what it really takes to build a business with each particular internet marketing method.
We often times will see a leader who has successfully built their business with one particular internet marketing method and they make it appear simple because what you only see is their success now.  I want you to see the facts, the obstacles, the cost, etc., when it comes to choosing and putting into action each internet marketing method.
Enjoy and as always please leave a comment at the bottom.

Resources mentioned in the internet marketing method solo ads video:

Russell Brunson’s Internet Marketing Method Solo Ads Training – Click HERE

Link to First Video in this Series – Internet Marketing

Click ===> FREE Solo Ads Resource List 


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Skype Traffic Ninja

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Skype Traffic Ninja

 Skype Traffic Ninja

What is  Skype Ninja Traffic   by Ken Faminoff and Ty Tribble?  If you landed here looking for more information on this program that has hit the internet marketing industry by storm, then I personally want to welcome you and give you some answers to the questions you might have about Skype Traffic Ninja.

First off who is Ken Faminoff and Ty Tribble.  Well, Ty Tribble is a successful internet marketer & is known as the #1 blogger in the world for the topic, network marketing. He has also been featured in Success From Home and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ken Faminoff on the other hand is new to the internet marketing industry but don’t let that scare you away. Ken Faminoff has the social proof of building a 15,000 subscriber list in just 4 months!  Catching the eye of many top internet marketers including myself and Ty Tribble.

Well I recently grabbed Ken and Ty for a private webinar for my subscribers / followers and I have the replay below.  Watch this and see why so many are blown away with what Ken has done and how he accomplished this with his Skype Traffic Ninja strategies.

If  you take action today and here is what you get in the Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook:

  • Ken’s Secret Skype® Traffic Methods
  • How To Make Money & Build Your List Using Solo Ads
  • Crafting Your Free Lead Pulling Offer
  • Squeeze Page Design Checklist
  • Learn Why Ad Swaps Are So Powerful For List Building
  • Mini List Building Events: The Mother Load of Leads and List Building (for free!)
  • The Untold Secrets of JV (Joint Venture) Partnering
  • And much much more.

Click HERE to grab Ken’s never before seen Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook.

You will be blown away as I was when I saw what Ken put in this book that is helping many struggling marketers and experience marketers build their money making lists faster on auto pilot.

There is no question in my mind….Ken could easily sell this for $97 or more but he is selling it for a mere $17 bucks!  Crazy…..

As you probably already know as a marketer you NEED a list and you see the proof in our webinar replay. Your list is your asset.  It’s your massive income source and you deserve to take advantage of this Playbook because it’s unique and I have never seen this strategy done before now.

Grab the Skype Ninja Traffic Playbook today while it’s still available plus Ken and Ty have some GREAT bonuses to go along with your purchase which is worth way more than the cost of this Playbook so get it now while you can, Click HERE.


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Optimize Press

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Optimize Press

Optimize Press – Easy WordPress Plugin

Optimize Press is a great solution to those internet marketers looking for a simple solution creating capture pages and sales pages.  Back when I started in the internet marketing industry I struggled with trying to figure out how to build a squeeze page / capture page.  I struggled with all the html coding, opt in forms, copywriting, and video hosting.  That’s when I realized there had to be a better way, aka a short cut.

That’s when I heard about a wordpress theme called Optimize Press.  I immediately did my research and found the theme to be quite affordable and snatched it up immediately.  The Optimize Press plugin / theme took the struggles of building a system sales funnel right out of my life.

Optimize Press is by far the most popular website building tool to date. There are many reasons why I love this theme / plugin and why so many others also do:

  • Simple to use – Not everyone has the time and the patience to learn messy HTML codes. Even with zero technical skills, like I had in the past, you can have a website up and running literally within minutes.  I show you in the video below.
  • Slick – your imagination is the limit. Optimize Press has an extensive library of templates to create all kinds of capture pages, sales pages, membership sites, and launch sites.
  • Professional – for those who are just starting out to advanced users Optimize Press offers pages that are clean and professional.
  • Zero-skill friendly – if you lack the talent, the skill, or the patience to design your site, professionally designed pages using Optimize Press are at your disposal.
  • Powerful Plug-ins – Everything you need to build professional pages is all built in to the Optimize Press theme, from SEO, templates, web forms, important disclaimers, customized buy now buttons, and so much more. l

Optimize Press has it’s advantages

These are just a few advantages mentioned above and clearly you can see why internet marketers are choosing Optimize Press has their choice for wordpress themes when it comes to building beautifully crafted squeeze pages. Again, tons of features that will ensure your internet marketing experience remains as smooth as possible.

So, if wrapping your mind around building a sales funnel scares you then you might consider taking advantage of what successful marketers are using today.

Check out the video below on how easy it is to install Optimize Press and how you too can build a simple capture page.

Note this is just one option in this video on what you can do with Optimize Press and for more details click on the link below to see all the features that Optimize Press <==Click can offer you today.

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Solo Ads

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Solo Ads



To learn more about Solo Ad marketing I suggest you learn from the best in our industry by clicking HERE.


Learn how you can get your very own attraction marketing system today!

Benefits of the Attraction Marketing System…

  • Target the absolute hottest prospects so you can make more sales and more money!
  • Allow for customization and uniqueness to make YOU stand out in the marketplace!
  • Brand YOU as the leader and you’ll never have to sell again!
  • Build YOUR list not someone else’s so you can use it over and over again!
  • Include sales funnels that create multiple sources of ongoing income for massive profits toexplode your bank accounts!
  • Generate FREE LEADS AND CASHFLOW while you grow your primary business!
  • And much, much more…

Start branding yourself today and become the leader everyone is searching for. You’ll have more leads for your business and more subscribers to your list than you’ll ever know what to do with!

Get Started Today!


Once you join our team we give you a step by step guide to setting up your system and plug you in to our Facebook mastermind mentoring group.  We look forward to helping you achieve the success you deserve with your business starting today.

Autoresponder List

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Is Your Autoresponder List Responsive?



Autoresponder List Dead?

While there are many ways to bring your list back from the dead or get a more responsive list, this is just one example from my own personal list.

How I get my autoresponder list to respond:

1. Ask a favor or question

2. Tell your autoresponder list of people how much time it will require them to do what you are asking.  People are generally very busy and honestly unless they truly know you then they just may not respond to your request.

3. Which leads me to this point, give them something in return.  Now that you have got their attention by offering your autoresponder list something in return, #2 sets the stage for is it worth their time.

In the video below I make an offer and make an offer that’s I feel is worth their time, 3 seconds. Always tell a person how long it will take for them to do what you are asking and tell them exactly what steps they will need to take.

People don’t like surprises and if you make it really clear as do what they will be doing for the value you are giving in return, then you have a better chance of getting a response.

In the video below I show the results of what I just recently did to get a response from my autoresponder list.  Word of caution though, if you don’t typically respond to your list on a daily basis, then be careful with just sending out a, Please Help Me, email.  They just might think you are only using them for your own selfish gain.

You have to treat your autoresponder list like every single one of those people are your friends.  Learn to speak to them that way and open up your heart.  True authenticity has to come through or you will have a hard time making a connection with your list.

Autoresponder List Video:


If you like this video on how I got my autoresponder list to respond, then I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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