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2 Words: Attraction Marketing

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2 Words: Attraction Marketing Replay

Last night we dug deep into Attraction Marketing and what it means for you and your business. We also had a surprise announcement to become a part of our 8 week boot camp for a ridiculously low price.  In fact Brian Fanale actually thought we had lost our minds.  You have to see it.  People scrambled quickly to grab their spots last night and those people saved $800 by securing.  So you do not want to miss that message.

So why did we dig deep into Attraction Marketing?

Well because it is THE THING that YOU MUST EMBRACE in order to build a long-term stable business that pays you residually for years to come, period.

In the replay below:

* You’ll learn the Attraction Marketing paradigm shifts all 3 of these leaders had to make in order to build a sustainable, PROFITABLE home business (without this shift, you will stay broke)

* How a Mom was able to leverage “Attraction Marketing” principles to the tune of 6-Figures her first 6 Months Online, and how she forever retired her family from the Corporate Rat Race (and the few yet POWERFUL distinctions she made in her business that made it ALL possible)

* Why a master prospector can simply call a lead and instantly have in his back pocket a pain killer for every possible pain his prospect can have (and how he can Make Money off of the 90% of people who will never join his company)

* How a broke musician was able to build a $20 Million Dollar Empire that has generated 2.77 MILLION LEADS, and hit “Millionaire Status” before his 30’s (there is ONE key question that helped get him there, and he’s going to give it to you on this webinar)

There is a reason why EVERY SINGLE PERSON you see online today MAKING MONEY IN A HOME BUSINESS is embracing what we call Attraction Marketing

Last night we took the gloves off and dug deep into this concept, which can shift your entire reality when used properly.

So are you ready to go deep into WHY you’re still broke, and more importantly HOW to change the way you do business FOREVER so that you never have to worry about money again?

Watch the replay and prepare for a candid, off-the-cuff, REAL conversation between a few of the top earners and leaders in the home business industry… Just ONE of the nuggets we go over on this webinar can give you the ah-ha mindset shift that changes EVERYTHING for you and your family.

2 Words: Attraction Marketing Replay

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Why MLM Lead System Pro

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Why MLM Lead System Pro?

If you are interested in joining our two week trial for $9.97 please click on the link below to get started now:

MLM Lead System Pro

Remember when you join us in MLM Lead System Pro we provide you access to our private mastermind group where you will get mentoring and guidance as often as you need it.  We are committed to helping you breakthrough your barriers and helping you achieve the success you deserve in your business.

No fluff here and no hype just the straight forward facts.  As you can see in the above video we have the experience and we achieved massive results online in a very short time.  That’s what we want for you.

This is the exact system we have been using to generate over 75 leads a day and is the exact system that has helped us achieve the ranking of top recruiter in our primary company.

Don’t be fooled by other online marketing systems.  This is a proven system and if you want to view the entire presentation on the overview of MLM Lead System Pro click HERE. 

So let’s get started today and if you have any questions just let us know!

Our team here at MLM Lead System Pro is waiting for you!

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

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Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

You may of landed on this page because you are curious about what is in the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring E-book or quite possibly you are thinking about obtaining a copy.  The purpose of my post is to help you understand what you will be getting when you make the decision to buy the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring E-Book.

First let me say that this book is one book that I definitely consider the bible of attraction marketing. What is attraction marketing? It’s the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the prospect what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it.  Basically called reverse marketing.

I still refer back to this book and recommend this to all of our team members when it comes to understanding the psychology behind building a successful business online.  People don’t just join your business, they join YOU.

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring Overview

The Mike Dillard E-book is focused on network marketing in general. Mike goes in to detail about that challenges that many face when building their network marketing business.  Some of those challenges that he addresses are creating lead flow, advertising budget, promotion of your business, and lack of credibility when someone is just starting out.

There are roughly about 56 pages of tips, tricks, and strategies on how to build a profitable network marketing business. Mike also uncovers the type of mindset that you will need to build a successful organization in your own MLM, in which he teaches in a straight forward, easy to follow manner.

Mike points out in his E-book that the majority of people who come into our industry have no idea what it actually means to start a home based business and how to make it profitable. I’ve seen several jump in with the illusion that all they need to do is just pitch their product/opportunity, sponsor a few people and they will magically become wealthy in a matter of weeks.  While I love the attitude of these folks, it’s just not a reality and this is why most people quit their network marketing business because of the unrealistic expectations they have set forth for themselves.

In the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book you will also learn how to lay out your business and what is required of you to build a successful business.  Mike has an enormous amount of credibility as he has tried almost everything when it comes to building his own business.

While this E-book is a wealth of information it does not give you the tools you need to implement.  I spent quite sometime trying to find those tools in the past and finally found a system that had all these tools under one log in.

That system that we recommend is called MLM Lead System Pro.   It’s a proven system which will build your business using attraction marketing that Mike discusses in his book.

After reading through the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book you will understand why leads are the life blood of any business and you will realize you need tools to start generating those leads.  Tools that will position you as a leader in the industry, give you something of value to offer, so people will magnetically be attracted to you and want to work with you in your MLM.

Bill and I have been using MLM Lead System Pro for two years now and have generated over 12,000 leads and have become the top recruiter in our primary company, Numis Network.  We owe much of our success to this system that has broken us free of having to chase around our friends/family and/or warm market.  We generate upwards of 60 laser targeted leads every single day all by using this one simple system.  I encourage you to check it out today. Click HERE.

Again we highly recommend the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book, it’s a great foundation to start with when it comes to understanding the psychology behind how to build a successful business online.

Bottom line is what you will learn from Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring is you must be actively using something that will attract others to what it is you are offering.

You need a self-funded proposal, which is the example I gave above, MLM Lead System Pro. Trust me people aren’t going to just join your downline organization and Mike discusses why in detail in his E-book.  You will need a self-funded proposal to give free information to the seeker in exchange for their name, email and phone number.  From there you can build that relationship with that person to become magnetically irresistible, so they will want to join you in your MLM.

The key is to develop yourself into a credible leader who leads with value without a self service attitude, all of which you will discover how to do in the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring E-book.

You can get access to the free 7 Day Video Boot Camp that comes with the offering of the Mike Dillard E-book in the link below.

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

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Attraction Marketing System

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Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System

Attraction Marketing System that Works

Attraction marketing is not a new concept, it is an old strategy of selling. In the past sales people had to attended trade shows, meetings, cold calling, old method of door to door selling and their strategies were all based totally on attraction marketing. Essentially your personality sold the product, people liked you, so they bought, in reality you were the attraction marketing system.

Online today there’s a rebirth in attraction marketing and one of the simplest and preferred ways of doing this is thru  video. YouTube gets millions of visitors daily. If somebody is curious about a product, they might search for it and watch the video. If you made a video about that specific product, they might click thru and get it from you. You see you took the time to check the product out yourself and were rewarded by speaking on video about it. If you are looking to be successful online I highly encourage you to do video marketing.

Attraction Marketing System – Selling Yourself

Attraction marketing is simply about selling yourself – branding YOU as a leading figure on a particular product. It does not really matter too much how you go about it, whether you write reviews, use Squidoo lens, have a stand alone site or publicize your product using YouTube , you have to show your personality.

People will soon start to relate to you and if they like who they see they may even trust you and be more inclined to get something from you, because they are attracted to you.

One of the big no no’s that people make today is how they write articles. Many online marketers outsource and have articles written for them.  A lot of times these outsourcers do not even speak English or quite possibly it is their second or third language, therefore you find many mistakes throughout your finished article.  Quite often what they write is inaccurate on your topic and full of errors in spelling and errors in grammar, turning the reader off after one or two seconds.

If you’ve chosen a niche of products that you are truly passionate about and it shows in your writing, then your reader quite possibly will feel the energy from your post. Energy, attraction, and enthusiasm in your writing goes a long way in this industry.  Many will appreciate that you have put a lot of time and effort into your writing and that you have analyzed your product carefully, thereby building trust.

Using Multi Media for Attraction Marketing

Writing good articles is just one side of attraction marketing. Video is in my opinion is much better. You can’t presumably hire someone in the Philippines to do that for you but, by making a video you are branding yourself right away. Successful marketing relies upon attraction marketing and you will see that the most successful marketing pros use video as a typical  platform for promoting their businesses, which results in a profitable business.

The internet is a place where everyone goes to research a product they have an interest in buying. Once these individuals have made up their minds to buy they are typically pre-sold on the product. If your internet site is one of the last ones he/she sees and is helpful, informative and amicable with truthful product reviews, he/she is likely to purchase from you.

Attraction Marketing System Secrets Revealed

Imagine working less than an hour per day to attract 10-20 new leads per day, or even more. Imagine personally sponsoring 10-15 new team leaders each month without ever harassing your family or friends or making an outbound call to tire-kicker who is unmotivated. Imagine ultimately embracing a proven attraction marketing system certain to produce a results.

Sound too good to be true? Trust us it’s not! It’s the exact system we use and all you need is the right team, support, coaching, and a step by step attraction marketing system that works.

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Attraction Marketing Formula

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About a year ago I kept hearing about a little term called "Attraction Marketing Formula". You see I was intrigued by the thought of having prospects hunting me down to join my business. I was sick and tired of chasing around my warm market. I was disgusted with trying to recruit my friends and family, who were annoyed by my efforts.

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