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Best Backlinks Software

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Finding the Best Backlinks Software

What’s the Best Backlinks Software?

If you own your own website and struggle with getting a large following, reaching the top of the search engine rankings, then you might be searching for the best backlinks software on the market.  Bottom line is if you want to play with the big guys on the first page of the search engines you are going to need some major backlinks juice. To find the best backlinks software you will want to make sure it provides you with a consistent flow of traffic to your site and have the capability of building backlinks all over the internet for you.

As you can see I am a blog owner and it’s important to me that I have researched every possibility for getting a large following to our blog. I have spent a lot of time and energy sifting through various programs and I finally came across the best backlinks software.  I have been quietly using what I feel is the best backlinks software for over 6 months now and have had tremendous results.  That product is the Automatic Backlink Creator 3000. This program automatically generates backlinks for your site by finding other websites and blogs of similar interest by hyperlinking traffic to your page.

I have spent way to much time in the past trying to build backlinks manually, which took away my time to create quality content each day. This is why I went on the hunt for the best backlinks software available on the market today.  I am no longer wasting time / energy promoting my site and now I can focus on my content creation knowing that the best backlinks software is doing the work for my site.

Managing your own website or blog while using the best backlinks software to build your automatic backlinks will improve the ranking of your website tremendously. The way that a backlinks generator functions is by finding websites or blogs of similar interests to your own content and creating hyperlinks within those blogs or websites that link back to your own page. The more backlinks that direct traffic to your page, the higher your search engine ratings will be.

The search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing use backlinks to determine the popularity of any site.  So, investing in the best backlinks software will ensure that you have the highest amount of automatic backlinks to your page.  Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 works hard to use your specific keywords that are found in your title of your blog and/or page to determine where to build the backlinks towards your page. The software will also offer the ability to specify your own keywords should they not appear in your title of your page or your website.  What this does is guarantees that those who are forwarded to your page will be interested in the content you are providing on your page.

To find our more about the best backlinks software so you can drive more traffic to your page, I highly recommend you check out the Automatic Backlink Creator 3000. This backlinks generator is my personal favorite and now I don’t worry about ranking my blog in the search engines. With this program I can now be confident in knowing my page will appear on the first page of the search engines

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Free PLR Articles

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Free PLR Articles

Free PLR Articles









Free PLR Articles

Maybe you have heard the term PLR – Private Label Rights and were wondering how it could help you in your internet marketing business.  If you can get your hands on some free PLR articles, great but be warned that many other individuals across the internet industry probably are doing the same as you.  Most of the time these free PLR articles that individuals post to their sites are not unique in content.  What I mean by that is they do not take the time to actually spin or rewrite the article for originality. So, if you are going to use a free PLR article just make sure you at least spin or rewrite into your own words to avoid duplicate content across the search engines, who will in return penalize your content for not being original.

Free PLR Articles vs. Paid PLR Articles

While I am not opposed to using free PLR articles or just using PLR articles in general I do think you should find yourself a reputable PLR store that will provide you well written quality content.  I recently had a chance to review Nicole Cooper’s PLR Store and I must say her free PLR articles and her inexpensive PLR articles are written exceptionally well.

The great part about her PLR Store is that the store’s PLR articles are in the network marketing / internet marketing niche. You can find many free ebooks to use, free PLR articles, company review PLR articles, personal development PLR articles, leadership PLR articles, and much, much more.

Many new content marketers struggle with creating good content and find it time consuming.  If that is you, I would suggest you start out by checking out the MLM PLR Store. This is a great way to jump start your content creation allowing you more time to fit in your own content in between the PLR articles you buy.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights, this means that if you buy such a product you buy additional rights for that product. So, what does that mean? This means you can resell the PLR product or if you choose to, you can give it away for free. You are also allowed to modify the original author with your own name.  A common practice among buyers of PLR articles and ebooks is to give away the content in exchange for a name and email.  This practice is called list building.

What kind of products would you find in a PLR Store?  Let’s use the MLM PLR Store as an example, they have ebooks, reports, and many different kinds of PLR articles. The price range stars at $2.00 an article and up.  You can also access her free PLR articles on every Friday and the great advantage to her store is that she offers PLR bundles.

All in all whether you get free PLR articles or the low cost PLR articles that the MLM PLR Store offers it is a great way for new marketers to jump start their business without having to struggle with creating their own content.  I would advise that you don’t rely 100% on using PLR articles but to also mix in your own content for authenticity and genuiness.

Beware though, if you venture out online searching for PLR articles especially free PLR articles.  There are plenty of places to get them from but a lot of those stores offer poor quality PLR articles that you will end up spending more time trying to correct and rewrite.  With the MLM PLR Store you don’t have to worry about the article being unprofessional or a poorly written PLR article.

A great bundle of PLR products can be found here for a reasonable price plus several free PLR articles to start with: MLM PLR Store


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Article Marketing Service

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Looking for an article marketing service? If you're thinking about driving much more visitors to your web internet site, blog, videos or other on the web properties you may wish to think about outsourcing both content material creation and distribution to any quantity with the bigger article marketing service providers obtainable. The value is twofold. 1st, a nicely written informative article will tend to attract individuals actively seeking that sort of data now. Meaning it attracts hot prospects and prospective buyers.

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Popular Article Directories

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Popular Article Directories


If you have been following my latest posts on article marekting then you may now be asking….what article directories should I submit too?

Once you have your articles written, you will need to submit them to one or more online article directories. There are literally hundreds of article directories online, but not all are created equal. To achieve your purposes of traffic generation and reputation enhancement, you want to go with directories that are well-respected and actually USED by online and offline publishers to find quality content.

Article Directories to Check Out -With a high Google page rank and Alexa ranking, is a well-respected leader in the article marketing field. Creating your account is free, and will take only minutes. The site includes lots of videos and help topics to get you going. You are limited to submitting 10 articles until your article quality is confirmed. Paid premium services available (quicker publication, scheduled release, etc.). -If you want to add video, photos, or other media types beyond basic text, may be for you. Create a hub and add content, driving traffic to your blog. A robust community and help section to assist you. Free account creation and article submission. – If you’re looking for a high-quality “boutique” article directory, is a great choice. You must apply to be selected as an author, but once you’re accepted, your chances of having your articles picked up by publishers is very high. is another popular basic article directory. You can create a free author account, and once your articles are published, you can review extensive statistics regarding views and clicks. A Yahoo!-affiliated content network, includes over 2 million pieces of content (articles, videos, images). It’s free to create an account, and you can actually earn money from advertising and revenue share.

In most cases, the first time you submit your articles you are going to need to register with the article directories. If you intend to submit to a very large number of article directories it’s a good idea to set up a separate email account for this process so that you can easily store your
article directory information together. This also allows you to keep any notifications or promotional emails sent out by the directories out of you main inbox.

When you go to submit your articles make sure you are prepared with your article in a couple of formats (text and html) and that you have written a targeted bio to go at the end of each article.

One thing to keep in mind is that many directories will allow you to submit the same article to multiple directories – check each directory’s specific guidelines and terms of service. There are also submission services that allow you to upload your article once, and then submit it to
numerous sites, giving you bigger bang from your writing efforts.

When submitting articles to article directories remember…

It’s not always quantity over quality. I’d much rather zero in my efforts on a small number of high-quality directories than spend a lot of time submitting to hundreds of low-quality ones. Keep this in mind as you plan your article marketing strategy.

Remember, the goal is to get targeted readers who are drawn into your article and motivated to click through to your website – and even
better, to get them to republish it on their blogs.

This will happen when you do your homework, write a quality article, give a clear call to action back to your blog with a resource box link, and choose great article directories.


What Should I Write? | Article marketing

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Why Article Marketing Series For Bloggers

 What Do I Write About?

Are you a blogger wanting to increase your readership? I know I do!You should consider article marketing which can send highly targeted traffic your way, at low or no cost to you. Everyone wants free traffic, but newcomers to article marketing can get hung up on one question in particular: “What do I write about?”

Writing articles for article marketing is very similar to writing posts for your


 Most experts recommend articles between 300-500 words, about the length of an average blog post. There are other similarities, too. When picking topics for articles, you want to choose subjects that:

…are of interest to your target market. For example mine is struggling network marketers. If your audience for your blog is first-year kindergarten teachers, your articles should be aimed at that same audience. Remember, your goal is to drive TARGETED traffic to your blog – in other words, people who will read your article, find something of interest, and click through to your blog for more of the same. Don’t disappoint them by writing articles about “Red-Carpet Fashion” only to greet them at your blog with “20 Uses for Broken Crayons.” They’ll just be annoyed and will click away as fast as possible.

…are keyword-rich. Articles are a fantastic means for grabbing search engine traffic, as the content on the larger article directories is indexed very quickly by search engines. As a result, if you choose topics and titles that are full of relevant keywords, you can piggy-back on the ranking ability of the directories and channel readers back to your site. (Of course, always remember that you’re writing for human readers, not for the search engines and you’ll do great!)

…you know something about. Because you’re positioning yourself as an expert in the article, you should write about a topic you feel comfortable with, or do the research necessary to write an informative article. Hopefully, your blog is on a topic you’re intimately familiar with, so writing articles on similar subjects shouldn’t be difficult.

Important to Remember – Article Marketing

It’s important to remember that you are not writing a college dissertation. You’re writing articles for real people searching for real solutions to real problems – that’s it. Writing articles just to sound ‘smart’ and ‘accomplished’ will get you nowhere online. People are looking for good quality content that’s easy to skim, easy to read and that gets them the answer they’re looking for in the least amount of time. Always keep that top of mind when you set out to write your articles.

If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about your subject area, you probably already have some ideas for future articles. Wonderful! Start a list in a notebook or on your computer. That way you’ll have an endless supply of topics for the future.

Stay tuned for my next post on article marketing about structuring your article.

Why Article Marketing?

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Why Article Marketing?

If there’s one thing bloggers want more of, it’s readers! Whether you’re blogging for pet lovers, kids’ dentists, or Boston Red Sox fans, driving more people to your posts is surely a prime objective. And one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website is through article marketing.

Article marketing is the process of creating short articles for publication and distribution by other websites and off-line publishers in exchange for at least one quality link back to your website or blog. Articles are normally published to article directories, websites made up entirely of articles submitted by authors. Article directories are usually free to publish to.

Benefits of Article Marketing

While it may seem counter-intuitive to provide your content for free to other websites, there are several benefits of article marketing:

1. Link Love. When other sites publish your content, you receive a link back to your blog. When properly optimized, this link will assist in helping you rate more highly for search engine results. When you rank more highly in Google and other search engines, you’ll get more organic traffic to your blog. And more traffic means more readers!
2. Validation. When your articles are published by others, you receive an unofficial recommendation from the publisher. It’s as if you’re getting a stamp of approval from another blogger or website. This recommendation will further your reputation and drive more readers to your site.
3. Expert Status. When you can say, “I’ve published 25 articles on pediatric dentistry,” you increase your web presence and ability to claim expert status. That means your trust level increases and makes you more believable.

There are a number of low- or no-cost online article directories where you can share your articles for little or no cost. This makes article marketing is also a cost-effective way publicize your blog.

Also, article marketing is a great way to make a smooth transition from one website to another. By writing an article that is highly targeted to your market you can lead them from article through to a resource box and a well crafted link that takes them right to your blog where more information is waiting for them.

One of the keys to great article marketing is to have a clear goal. It’s not enough to throw a bunch of great articles at the directories and hope people will make their way back to your blog. You’ll want to know what you hope to achieve from your article marketing. Is it more blog readers? Is it more comments? Is it to get them to sign up for your RSS feed or email list? Writing articles that draw people to your exact goal is one way to excel in article marketing.

Conclusion to Article Marketing

However long you’ve been blogging, and whatever you’re topic, you’ll find that article marketing is an easy and inexpensive way to increase your blog reach and readership. Even if you’ve never written anything other than a blog post, you can leverage article marketing to make your blog readership skyrocket.