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MLM Prospecting: How to be an active listener.

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In this MLM Prospecting video Bill discusses why you should be an active listener and how to engage your prospects on the phone. Check out the video below!

MLM Prospecting: Why listening is important.

When you’re in the middle of MLM prospecting it’s very important that you listen to what your prospects concern is. Make sure you let them know you’re listening by repeating what they have said so that you can acknowledge their concerns. Often times we speak so much during an MLM prospecting conversation that we don’t truly listen to what our prospects have to say.

Remember that in MLM prospecting you want to be the authority figure, you want to become the problem solver, you can’t solve their problems if you don’t listen to what their problems are in the first place right? Another thing you want to do is make sure that you provide a solution to their problem. In our case we use a system called MyLeadSystemPro which allows us to help our prospects generate more leads for their business, it also allows them access to thousands of dollars of free weekly training for a very low monthly fee. This is what we use in our business to become expert MLM prospecting problem solvers.

I hope you got some value from this MLM prospecting video. If you’re struggling to build your business and want easier way, then check out MyLeadSystemPro by clicking HERE.

2 Words: Attraction Marketing

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2 Words: Attraction Marketing Replay

Last night we dug deep into Attraction Marketing and what it means for you and your business. We also had a surprise announcement to become a part of our 8 week boot camp for a ridiculously low price.  In fact Brian Fanale actually thought we had lost our minds.  You have to see it.  People scrambled quickly to grab their spots last night and those people saved $800 by securing.  So you do not want to miss that message.

So why did we dig deep into Attraction Marketing?

Well because it is THE THING that YOU MUST EMBRACE in order to build a long-term stable business that pays you residually for years to come, period.

In the replay below:

* You’ll learn the Attraction Marketing paradigm shifts all 3 of these leaders had to make in order to build a sustainable, PROFITABLE home business (without this shift, you will stay broke)

* How a Mom was able to leverage “Attraction Marketing” principles to the tune of 6-Figures her first 6 Months Online, and how she forever retired her family from the Corporate Rat Race (and the few yet POWERFUL distinctions she made in her business that made it ALL possible)

* Why a master prospector can simply call a lead and instantly have in his back pocket a pain killer for every possible pain his prospect can have (and how he can Make Money off of the 90% of people who will never join his company)

* How a broke musician was able to build a $20 Million Dollar Empire that has generated 2.77 MILLION LEADS, and hit “Millionaire Status” before his 30’s (there is ONE key question that helped get him there, and he’s going to give it to you on this webinar)

There is a reason why EVERY SINGLE PERSON you see online today MAKING MONEY IN A HOME BUSINESS is embracing what we call Attraction Marketing

Last night we took the gloves off and dug deep into this concept, which can shift your entire reality when used properly.

So are you ready to go deep into WHY you’re still broke, and more importantly HOW to change the way you do business FOREVER so that you never have to worry about money again?

Watch the replay and prepare for a candid, off-the-cuff, REAL conversation between a few of the top earners and leaders in the home business industry… Just ONE of the nuggets we go over on this webinar can give you the ah-ha mindset shift that changes EVERYTHING for you and your family.

2 Words: Attraction Marketing Replay

To purchase your Live the Dream Ticket for only $199 and get our 8 Week Bootcamp for FREE which will cost $997 when launched, click HERE. 

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MLM Recruiting and Baseball

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mlm recruiting

MLM Recruiting and Baseball

What the heck does MLM recruiting have to do with Baseball?  Yes I had to ask Bill, what the heck?

Believe or not there is a correlation between the two.

In this video Bill explains how your perspective on prospecting and potential rejection can effect your MLM Recruiting. He also offers tips on ML Recruiting that will help you in your business and your daily method.

If you want to become strong at MLM Recruiting then this video is a must watch!!

Be sure to give us a comment, like and share if you found value in this video Bill did for us today.

MLM Recruiting & Baseball

If you are looking to get more people in front of your MLM opportunity and you are sick and tired of chasing around your wam market then take a look at the exact system that we have used for 3 years now that has enabled us to become a master at MLM recruiting, Click HERE.


Internet Marketing Method Solo Ads

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solo ads

Internet Marketing Method Solo Ads

Today as we embark on this series of discussing different marketing methods, I dive into the nitty gritty of internet marketing method solo ads.

I address the following questions in the video below and much much more…

  • Do solo ads produce quality leads?
  • What are solo ads?
  • How can internet marketing method solo ads be used in your business?
  • What to look for in a solo ads vendor?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using solo ads?
  • What kind of prospects will you find with solo ads?
  • and much much more…..
The purpose of me doing this video series is to take you on the inside of each internet marketing method and show you the truth behind what it really takes to build a business with each particular internet marketing method.
We often times will see a leader who has successfully built their business with one particular internet marketing method and they make it appear simple because what you only see is their success now.  I want you to see the facts, the obstacles, the cost, etc., when it comes to choosing and putting into action each internet marketing method.
Enjoy and as always please leave a comment at the bottom.

Resources mentioned in the internet marketing method solo ads video:

Russell Brunson’s Internet Marketing Method Solo Ads Training – Click HERE

Link to First Video in this Series – Internet Marketing

Click ===> FREE Solo Ads Resource List 


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Make Money Blogging For Beginnners

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make money blogging

Make Money Blogging

Maybe you have thought about blogging, have tried blogging but didn’t have any success with trying to figure out how to make money blogging.  Either way I am hear to hopefully give you some valuable tips to help you get started or at least ease the pain of overwhelm.

In the video below I interview Jake Kevorkian, our good friend and one of the co-founders of Numis Network on his brand new journey into the world of blogging.

I see many, who venture out on the path to make money blogging and expect instant results.  Most choose the blogging strategy in our industry to generate leads or make money blogging with sales.  The reality is, when they jump in feet first they realize the writing part is easy but the hard part is how the heck to get readers / traffic.

Getting traffic usually requires you knowing how to rank on the first page of Google through mastering keyword research, backlinking, etc….  If you want an all in one extensive course on how to save time with your SEO efforts CLICK HERE to access my good friend’s course.

Now if you don’t want to figure all this out on your own and just show up to do your part in writing consider this….

It all does truly start with leading with authentic value.  I don’t agree with outsourcing the writing of your blog posts.  I don’t agree with buying articles to make money blogging.  And…I don’t agree with using automating blogging posts.  That is if you care at all about building a brand and a loyal following online.

If you want a loyal following you need to write from your own experiences and deliver the value in your own words.  Some of the top bloggers in our industry are writing their own posts with their own personality, just as my good friend Jake is starting out doing.

I give him huge kuddos for not getting bogged down on the backlinking, SEO strategies, Google rankings, keywords, etc…

That’s not saying he shouldn’t do these strategies but as a new blogger it’s best to first master one aspect of the blogging process first.  Which Jake, as you will see in this video has done.

In my opinion just show up everyday to your blog and write.  Share your passion and leave the technical stuff to an outsourcer.  This way blogging won’t feel like it’s a tremendous amount of work and all you have to do is show up and share your thoughts, experiences and value each day.

Enjoy! Make Money Blogging

Be sure to leave your comments below we would love to hear from you!

MLM Prospecting – Dealing With Objections

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mlm prospecting

MLM Prospecting & Dealing With Objections

So you decided to venture into the land of MLM and you are looking to master the art of MLM prospecting.  Are you prepared for the objections when it comes to MLM prospecting?

I hope so and I don’t say that to scare you.  I say this because I want you to be prepared so you can achieve success.  It helps to know what is behind the door you about to enter so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

For some unknown reason….(okay I have a hunch, but let’s run with this) people who are typically not in MLM have a bad taste in their mouth when they hear the word MLM.  In fact they run the other way and get all defensive when they see it coming down the road.

So how can you overcome this unfortunate mindset of someone you are about to approach when they immediately yell, MLM SCAM!

Yes, it’s sad and this is a great example how one bad apple in the basket can spoil an entire basket of good apples.  Did you know there are more millionaires created in this industry than any other industry?

I mean come on, it’s like any other job as a marketer, recruiter, sales person, except we don’t have a boss.  Woohoo!

Now for the most part, most MLM companies are NOT scams and now that you are a part of  a legitimate one ( I hope),  I want to give you some tips on MLM prospecting  (<–btw…great MLM prospecting scripts in that link) and dealing with common objections.

MLM Prospecting and Dealing With Objections

Trust me I know you have your work cut out for you and you would rather not deal with people who have a false misconception of the MLM industry.  But, you need to deal with it if you plan on being successful.

Why?  Because….the more objections and the harder the objections you receive, the better at MLM prospecting you will become, which will ultimately build you into a powerful successful leader who can handle any objection with posture that comes your way.

Let’s talk about some of the biggest objections Bill and I see:

Objection: “Is this one of those pyramid schemes?”

Our response: “I don’t even know what that is.  I have never been involved one.”

Then….wait for their response.

Or…”Oh you mean like corporate america where you have a CEO, Vice President, Manager, Employee and so on?  No this is nothing like that.”

We respond like this to maintain our power in the conversation and what the prospect is really trying to do is steal your power and make you dance.  Don’t dance!

Objection: “Looks like a scam to me or fishy”

“I don’t know about that but all I know is…..”  For example in our situation we would say, “I don’t know about that but all I know is we have taken over 3 company paid vacations with our business in that past year, make over XYZ a month, and my husband was able to retire from his corporate america job because of what we do now.”

Basically insert your story with your results or about someone you know.  It doesn’t have to be about you necessarily if you don’t have results yet but you could certainly leverage the story of a success story in your upline.

Objection: “Oh, I don’t have time for that.”

“That’s too bad how long do you plan on being in that situation of not having any time?”


“Okay no problem maybe this isn’t for you, but can you give me the name of someone who might be open to making an additional $xyz (insert amount) a month?”

Ask for those referrals when you get a NO!

Objection: “I can’t do that, I don’t know how to sell.”

“You don’t need to be sales person.  In fact we don’t teach you to be a salesperson, just a good marketer.  All you need is to see the benefits of a product and opportunity and just seek out people who are open to making additional income from home.  Btw….did you know just by owning a home based business you can save approximately $450 in taxes each month?”

Now these are just a few objections we have run across and yes, the list can go on and on.

Again….practice makes objections much more manageable as you are exposed to them each time you are doing your MLM prospecting.

When you begin your journey in MLM prospecting, it’s good  to be prepared for every type of scenario. While you may not be prepared for all of them, you will become more and more prepared as you get exposed to more and more objections throughout this journey you are on.

If the thought of just cold calling friends, family and your warm market sends you into complete anxiety overload, then maybe consider leveraging a proven internet marketing system that targets people already in the industry who believe in the MLM model already.

Now understand this isn’t me telling you that you should avoid MLM prospecting your warm market.  I think you should for your own growth.  Plus, don’t you owe it to your friends when you hit it big the opportunity to play with you on the beaches of the world?  Sure you do!

So while you are incorporating MLM prospecting in your warm market consider leveraging the system we have been using for over two years that has resulted in us becoming the #1 recruiters in our own primary company and has us generating over 50 leads a day to talk to each and everyday about our business, Click HERE for more information about MLSP.

In them meantime the best way for you to deal with objections is by practice.  Stay confident, maintain your power in the conversation, don’t allow your power to be taken away, practice with your upline, don’t expect everyone to say yes they are open to viewing your opportunity, get a lot of NOs to find those YESs and understand not everyone is going to be a fit for your business.

And….by all means when you are MLM prospecting don’t take it personally.

What objections do you get when you are MLM prospecting, please share below because I would love to hear!


Why MLM Lead System Pro

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Why MLM Lead System Pro?

If you are interested in joining our two week trial for $9.97 please click on the link below to get started now:

MLM Lead System Pro

Remember when you join us in MLM Lead System Pro we provide you access to our private mastermind group where you will get mentoring and guidance as often as you need it.  We are committed to helping you breakthrough your barriers and helping you achieve the success you deserve in your business.

No fluff here and no hype just the straight forward facts.  As you can see in the above video we have the experience and we achieved massive results online in a very short time.  That’s what we want for you.

This is the exact system we have been using to generate over 75 leads a day and is the exact system that has helped us achieve the ranking of top recruiter in our primary company.

Don’t be fooled by other online marketing systems.  This is a proven system and if you want to view the entire presentation on the overview of MLM Lead System Pro click HERE. 

So let’s get started today and if you have any questions just let us know!

Our team here at MLM Lead System Pro is waiting for you!

Skype Traffic Ninja

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Skype Traffic Ninja

 Skype Traffic Ninja

What is  Skype Ninja Traffic   by Ken Faminoff and Ty Tribble?  If you landed here looking for more information on this program that has hit the internet marketing industry by storm, then I personally want to welcome you and give you some answers to the questions you might have about Skype Traffic Ninja.

First off who is Ken Faminoff and Ty Tribble.  Well, Ty Tribble is a successful internet marketer & is known as the #1 blogger in the world for the topic, network marketing. He has also been featured in Success From Home and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Ken Faminoff on the other hand is new to the internet marketing industry but don’t let that scare you away. Ken Faminoff has the social proof of building a 15,000 subscriber list in just 4 months!  Catching the eye of many top internet marketers including myself and Ty Tribble.

Well I recently grabbed Ken and Ty for a private webinar for my subscribers / followers and I have the replay below.  Watch this and see why so many are blown away with what Ken has done and how he accomplished this with his Skype Traffic Ninja strategies.

If  you take action today and here is what you get in the Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook:

  • Ken’s Secret Skype® Traffic Methods
  • How To Make Money & Build Your List Using Solo Ads
  • Crafting Your Free Lead Pulling Offer
  • Squeeze Page Design Checklist
  • Learn Why Ad Swaps Are So Powerful For List Building
  • Mini List Building Events: The Mother Load of Leads and List Building (for free!)
  • The Untold Secrets of JV (Joint Venture) Partnering
  • And much much more.

Click HERE to grab Ken’s never before seen Skype Traffic Ninja Playbook.

You will be blown away as I was when I saw what Ken put in this book that is helping many struggling marketers and experience marketers build their money making lists faster on auto pilot.

There is no question in my mind….Ken could easily sell this for $97 or more but he is selling it for a mere $17 bucks!  Crazy…..

As you probably already know as a marketer you NEED a list and you see the proof in our webinar replay. Your list is your asset.  It’s your massive income source and you deserve to take advantage of this Playbook because it’s unique and I have never seen this strategy done before now.

Grab the Skype Ninja Traffic Playbook today while it’s still available plus Ken and Ty have some GREAT bonuses to go along with your purchase which is worth way more than the cost of this Playbook so get it now while you can, Click HERE.


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Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

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Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

You may of landed on this page because you are curious about what is in the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring E-book or quite possibly you are thinking about obtaining a copy.  The purpose of my post is to help you understand what you will be getting when you make the decision to buy the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring E-Book.

First let me say that this book is one book that I definitely consider the bible of attraction marketing. What is attraction marketing? It’s the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the prospect what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it.  Basically called reverse marketing.

I still refer back to this book and recommend this to all of our team members when it comes to understanding the psychology behind building a successful business online.  People don’t just join your business, they join YOU.

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring Overview

The Mike Dillard E-book is focused on network marketing in general. Mike goes in to detail about that challenges that many face when building their network marketing business.  Some of those challenges that he addresses are creating lead flow, advertising budget, promotion of your business, and lack of credibility when someone is just starting out.

There are roughly about 56 pages of tips, tricks, and strategies on how to build a profitable network marketing business. Mike also uncovers the type of mindset that you will need to build a successful organization in your own MLM, in which he teaches in a straight forward, easy to follow manner.

Mike points out in his E-book that the majority of people who come into our industry have no idea what it actually means to start a home based business and how to make it profitable. I’ve seen several jump in with the illusion that all they need to do is just pitch their product/opportunity, sponsor a few people and they will magically become wealthy in a matter of weeks.  While I love the attitude of these folks, it’s just not a reality and this is why most people quit their network marketing business because of the unrealistic expectations they have set forth for themselves.

In the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book you will also learn how to lay out your business and what is required of you to build a successful business.  Mike has an enormous amount of credibility as he has tried almost everything when it comes to building his own business.

While this E-book is a wealth of information it does not give you the tools you need to implement.  I spent quite sometime trying to find those tools in the past and finally found a system that had all these tools under one log in.

That system that we recommend is called MLM Lead System Pro.   It’s a proven system which will build your business using attraction marketing that Mike discusses in his book.

After reading through the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book you will understand why leads are the life blood of any business and you will realize you need tools to start generating those leads.  Tools that will position you as a leader in the industry, give you something of value to offer, so people will magnetically be attracted to you and want to work with you in your MLM.

Bill and I have been using MLM Lead System Pro for two years now and have generated over 12,000 leads and have become the top recruiter in our primary company, Numis Network.  We owe much of our success to this system that has broken us free of having to chase around our friends/family and/or warm market.  We generate upwards of 60 laser targeted leads every single day all by using this one simple system.  I encourage you to check it out today. Click HERE.

Again we highly recommend the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring book, it’s a great foundation to start with when it comes to understanding the psychology behind how to build a successful business online.

Bottom line is what you will learn from Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring is you must be actively using something that will attract others to what it is you are offering.

You need a self-funded proposal, which is the example I gave above, MLM Lead System Pro. Trust me people aren’t going to just join your downline organization and Mike discusses why in detail in his E-book.  You will need a self-funded proposal to give free information to the seeker in exchange for their name, email and phone number.  From there you can build that relationship with that person to become magnetically irresistible, so they will want to join you in your MLM.

The key is to develop yourself into a credible leader who leads with value without a self service attitude, all of which you will discover how to do in the Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring E-book.

You can get access to the free 7 Day Video Boot Camp that comes with the offering of the Mike Dillard E-book in the link below.

Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring

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Understanding MLSP Leads

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MLSP Leads

What Kind of Customer Are Your MLSP Leads

Understanding the profile of your MLSP Leads will result in better conversions for your business.  This is one of the most important skills you can develop in your network marketing business. The understanding help you fully understand what direction you need to move forward with your prospect. In fact most people spend way too much time / energy in figuring out how to generate  their very first set of MLSP leads that they fail to get the training needed to understand what type of customer their MLSP leads are.  You can generate leads all day long but if you don’t understand how to talk to your leads you won’t have a business.

So in the video below, my wonderful husband Bill Pescosolido, who is a master at recruiting is going to discuss the 3 different types of MLSP leads that you might encounter.

Understanding the 3 different profiles of your MLSP leads

1. A person that is brand new to network marketing that doesn’t yet have a primary business opportunity.

2. A person who currently has a primary opportunity but is struggling.

3. A person who has a primary opportunity that they love.

We hope you found value in this and stay tuned to this blog as Bill will be doing a series next on how to talk to your MLSP leads.  If you are not a part of MLSP yet and you want to generate upwards of 50 leads a day without having to chase around your warm market then click HERE and let us show you the exact system we have been using for the past 2 years that has resulted in a healthy 6 figure income.